If You Are Filing For A Divorce
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10 Things To Do If You Are Filing For A Divorce

Divorce is one of the hardest things that anyone can go through. The dissolution of your marriage may generate feelings of anger, frustration, and despair. However, you cannot allow such emotions to prevent you from looking after your material interests. You will need to rebuild your life after the divorce. To do so, you will need a fair settlement. Hiring a divorce lawyer Tweed Heads can help you achieve the best divorce outcome possible.

Before you go through with your divorce, you should take the time to think the matter through. You should carefully plan out the steps.

Here are 10 things you should do if you are filing for a divorce

1. Be certain you want to go through with it

Your life will permanently change after the divorce. You should ensure that you have exhausted all means of reconciliation. Once you have served your spouse papers and they have signed them, it can be difficult to reverse the decision. If you are certain of the divorce but your spouse is not, a court can still grant it.

2. Interview attorneys

You should hire an attorney who specializes in divorce. It is also important to have a lawyer who is well-established in the legal community. The more respected your lawyer the more effective they will be in negotiations. To ensure you get the right lawyer, you should select the top divorce attorneys in your area and then set up interviews with each one of them. The lawyer who inspires the greatest feeling of trust and confidence in you is the one to hire.

3. Gather important documents

You will need to settle how your debt, property, investments, and other assets will be divided. Doing so will require a great deal of documentation. You should gather together financial account records, tax returns, mortgage paperwork, and anything else that will be relevant to the divorce. If you and your spouse shared files of such documents, make sure you make copies for yourself and store them someplace safe.

4. Set down your goals for child custody

Courts lean toward shared custody. Unless there is a compelling reason why the other parent of your child should not be in their life, then you should not challenge this. You should instead focus on the parenting schedule. You will need one that works for you both and that meets the needs of your child. You should also start thinking about holiday arrangements.

5. Major purchases

Once you have filed for divorce, the judge will issue an order that prohibits you and your spouse from making major sales or purchases. If you are in the midst of a significant transaction, it is best to complete it before you file.

6. Make plans for your future living situation

You should determine whether you or your spouse will continue to live in the house. If you are the one who will move out, then you should start looking for a place immediately. It is best to find a permanent place of residence now. The longer you put it off the harder it will be to secure a new place in the future.

7. Joint bank account and credit cards

You should speak to your lawyer about closing joint financial accounts. This may be the wrong thing to do if you have children and you want to go on supporting them. But if you have a strong reason to think that your spouse will drain your joint savings account or run up credit card bills, then you may need to take this action.

8. Remember that you are still married

Separation is not a license to live like you are single. If you engage in an open romantic relationship with someone else before the divorce goes through, this can be considered adultery and it can impact your case. If you spend money on that person, the judge may view that as dissipation of the marital estate and require you to reimburse your spouse.

9. Organize your finances

You should put together a simple balance sheet showing your assets and debts. This will give you an idea of the assets that you will need to split with your spouse.

10. Lean on family and friends

No one should have to go through a divorce alone. Surrounding yourself with people who love you is just as important as getting the right lawyer and making the right financial arrangements.


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