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4 Things to Consider When Moving to Canada

Over 20 percent of the Canadian population is made up of ex-pats — that’s almost 7 million people.

With so many people moving to Canada, it has to be a place to live, right? That answer is going to depend on you, but there are certain things you to know before you start packing up.

Read on for six of the biggest things to know before your move to Canada.

1. Do You Qualify for a Visa?

What is the American Work Visa

This is the biggest thing you should find out about before you move because, if you can’t get an entry requirement Visa, then you’re not going to be able to live there. Here are a few different options you can qualify for:

  • Federal skilled worker
  • Work permit Visa
  • Family sponsorship
  • Refugee programs

Usually, to qualify for these programs, you’ll have to show proof that you’ll have to show proof of some level of English language proficiency, work experience, relevant education, and sometimes, a valid contract of employment.

2. Can You Get a Job?

If you don’t already have a job, you’ll need to know if you can get one. This is especially important to find out when you’re qualifying for certain entry Visa programs.

You’ll also need to apply for a Work Visa to ensure you can work while you’re in the country. Looking into Canadian immigration can help you answer this question fairly easily.

3. What’s the Cost of Living in Your Area?

What's the Cost of Living in Your Area

Another important thing to be on the lookout for is the cost of living in the area you’re considering moving to. In some cases, moving to Canada might be cheaper than living in other parts of the world, but the price comparison is going to depend on your current situation.

Just remember that your income should be enough to cover your overall cost of living while still ensuring that you have enough left over for other expenses, like unexpected bills and placing money into your savings.

4. Lifestyle

Lastly, how is the lifestyle in the area you’re choosing to move to? Canada has all the offerings a western country typically does, with plenty of options for restaurants, museums, galleries, lots of tourist attractions, and other landmarks you might want to visit.

You’re also free to practice your religion as you wish and follow your traditional culture if you’d like.

Some might find that the lifestyle Canada has to offer, however, isn’t a good fit for them. This is a decision that should be made before you arrive rather than after.

Ready to Begin Moving to Canada?

Ready to Begin Moving to Canada

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the most important things you should know about moving to Canada, it’s time for you to decide whether or not it’s a move you’d like to make. If you need to, sitting down with a pen and piece of paper to write out your thoughts can be a big help.

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