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Knowledge and Abilities Necessary for Success as a Military Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about ground-based kinetic operations, cyber, or even space operations. They are the go-to source for advice on treaties and rules of engagement for military leaders. Working as a Judge Advocate General, sometimes called the military attorney or JAG, is more than a career choice; it’s a complete way of life. This is especially true if you have an interest in understanding the legalities of the field without giving up the opportunity to serve in the military.

Each military service has its own unique procedures for running its JAG program. Since all branches of the military follow a similar set of rules, these are the basics you’ll need to know if you want to be a military lawyer who gets results. Discovering the qualities military recruiters look for in a JAG can let you better prepare for the application process and select an institution that may help you stand out from the crowd. There are first-rate skills that a good military lawyer possesses before going through military verification.

If You Want To Succeed In Life, You Must Learn The Art Of Effective Communication

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Those who are military lawyers but dislike public speaking should evaluate their employment options. You need to be able to communicate effectively because of your job. The Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) is an authoritative and competitive military field. The secular and licensing standards of a lawyer’s profession must be met, but one must also be equally qualified to serve as an officer in the armed forces. You’ll need to be able to effectively convey and share sensitive military and legal data. In addition to talking, you’d be able to read and listen very well.

Having The Ability To Think Critically And Solve Problems Is Essential

What is it that makes military commanders and attorneys so similar? You guessed well; these two crucial tasks need critical thinking and the ability to recognize, interpret, and respond effectively to difficult situations. Lawyers in today’s military have access to brilliant brains that can inspire their colleagues. They have the ability to see a project through to the end, test hypotheses, respond to new information, and maintain accountability under any circumstance. Rapid decision-making is required as you and another military leader weigh the benefits and costs of several options in order to determine the best course of action for your soldiers.

You Must Possess Strong Persuasive And Bargaining Skills

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One of the primary duties of a lawyer is to influence the decisions of clients, jurors, and others with whom they interact. However, persuasive leadership is not unique to military lawyers and commanders. JAGs in all branches of the military need to be skilled communicators who can bring people together and problem-solvers with access to a wide range of resources.

You Must Possess The Abilities Of Social Perception And Coordination

Maintain a level head and a willingness to collaborate, but don’t be afraid to assert your boundaries when working with clients or colleagues. Respect for other personnel’s emotions and choices and an openness to considering why people do what they do are crucial when you want to improve this skill and become an exceptional military lawyer, but the department’s best interest will always come first.

You Must Analyze Procedures And Direct Human Resources


In order to effectively collaborate with military leaders on treaties and rules of engagement, you must first determine which key performance indicators are working well and which ones require work. Comprehending the requirements of the law while also designing a system that achieves the desired outcomes for the majority of the organization’s members is a must.

To Succeed, You Must Acquire The Tactics Used By Lawyers And Soldiers

Learn all you can if you want to make it as a JAG. Just the surface is scratched by these five essential abilities.

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