At fault in an Accident
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Things A Cyclist Can Do When Accused At-fault in an Accident

Cycling is one of the healthiest activities and wonderful hobbies a person can enjoy in their free time. Unfortunately, due to bad roads, negligent drivers, and lack of skills, cycling can also be very dangerous. Accidents are very common and in most cases, it’s not a cyclist’s fault. The law usually protects cyclists because of their vulnerability in traffic, but in certain situations, a bicycle rider might be at fault.

If something like this happens to you and the other person involved in the accident accuses you of being the guilty party, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and prove your innocence.

Here’s what you can do

Consult An Experienced Lawyer

If you don’t have experience at court or you don’t know the law, you should definitely consult an attorney if someone accuses you of being at fault in an accident. As we learned from, these cases can sometimes be very complex. Therefore, in order to avoid being convicted and paying penalties, you should seek help from a lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents.

Provide The Judge With The Footage From Your Helmet Camera

It doesn’t matter what kind of bicycle you ride, you should always wear a helmet. These things can save your life, especially if you get in an accident with a car. Also, wearing a helmet allows you to mount a small camera on it. Why is this important? Well, recording your rides may seem like a waste of time, but it can actually help you in court if you get wrongfully accused of an accident. The footage from your helmet camera can be definitive proof that exonerates you and helps you get justice. Therefore, if you are recording your bicycle rides and get in an accident, make sure to save the footage and deliver it to the judge.

Get Surveillance Tapes

Working with helmet cameras can be a bit complicated, especially for elderly men and women. If you are a senior or simply not comfortable with gadgets, there is another way to prove your innocence with video footage. Most big intersections and big roads are covered with surveillance cameras. The main purpose of these cameras is to protect people by reducing crime. However, they can come in handy in bicycle accidents as well. Therefore, if you get in an accident, you should look around you and try to spot a public surveillance camera. If there’s one nearby, it probably recorded the entire thing. If you are truly innocent, this gives you an advantage in court. All you have to do is request the surveillance tapes in order to use them in court. There is a procedure to get those, but it’s not too complicated. Your lawyer will help you.

Ask Witnesses For Their Statements

In most bicycle accidents, there are witnesses present. Unless you get in an accident while riding your bike on some secluded road where there are no people, which is not recommended for other reasons. Anyhow, if there are witnesses at the site of the accident, you must try your best to get their statements. The police will probably do this anyway, but you can get an official statement from them with the help of your lawyer. Also, if it comes to trial, you can call some of those witnesses to the stand. This is one of the best ways to prove your innocence in a case like this, no question about it.

Request An Investigation

If the case is complicated or there are severe injuries, the police will do an investigation. However, even if no one gets hurt, but you get wrongfully accused of being the guilty party, you can still request an investigation in order to prove that you are, in fact, innocent. In order to do this, you have to be skillful when it comes to law. Therefore, if you don’t have previous experiences with cases like this, you should definitely consult a lawyer with a good reputation. A lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents is an asset you need in order to win this case.

Being involved in a bicycle accident can be rather traumatic for a cyclist. They can suffer physical and psychological injuries. Therefore, if you experience something like this, you should make your health your number one priority. Take care of your injuries and worry about legal matters later. However, if someone accuses you of being at fault in an accident, the tips we talked about today will help you to prove your innocence in the court of law.

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