Defective Product
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Things a Victim of a Defective Product Needs To Do

In product liability cases, the victim has to prove that they sustained an injury by using a product in a standard or regular manner. Legal responsibility (in terms of negligence) falls upon the manufacturer. The claim could be successful only if the manufactured object were defective, at least partially. If it caused injury even after following the instructions, you deserve compensation. However, you cannot benefit from the lawsuit if you misused a product and hence the damage, especially if they had proper warning and instructions. These factors will determine whether your product liability case can proceed.

Since it can be too much for any regular person to understand, hiring a personal injury lawyer would be better. If you live in Pasadena, approaching Pasadena-based injury lawyers can be helpful in these matters. Before this, here are some insights.

When Can You Claim Damage Due To A Defective Product?

Loss Or Injury


You might not qualify for compensation if the alleged product you used didn’t cause any monetary loss, harm, or injury. Suppose you used a malfunctioning product that didn’t cause any hurt or liability to you or your property. In that case, you cannot have any legal chance against it. So you have to prove there was significant injury or loss first.

Manufacturing Error

Manufacturing Error

It can be easier to prove manufacturing defects and claim for the same. These happen due to flaws in materials, design, or other such things. Sometimes, products pass the test even when they show signs of trouble. Scratches, cracks, dents, and similar signs are just a few examples. However, these most often happen during shipping. But these issues can be traceable to the manufacturing firm.

Lack Of Warning Against The Hazard

A product liability attorney will help you prove a product defect if it causes serious injury. The argument is that the company didn’t reveal the dangerous nature of an item or misrepresent it. Suppose injuries and illness occur due to using hazardous or defective products. In that case, you may have a point, and you need to contact a professional lawyer who can help negotiate with the manufacturers to set up some money for your treatment costs.

What To Do After An Injury Caused By A Defective Product?


You need to make sure you are safe and healthy. If you face an injury, you should go for a medical checkup and get proper treatment. Gather your medical reports and photos that provide injury details. Once done, you can look into other areas. For example, keep the product safe and don’t modify anything. Talk to a legal advisor or attorney for guidance.

When victims die or get injured by a defective product, they may have a legal claim. The critical thing to establish your case is to show that the product was faulty and it is harmful no matter how careful the user is. If proved, you can get the claimed money. After all, making safe products is the responsibility of the manufacturing companies. So, whether it is your hair straightener, any medicine, a car, or something else, you must exercise your right to claim compensation when harmed or injured due to no fault of yours.

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