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The Role Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer When Working For A Defendant

Whenever you face criminal charges in San Diego, you must appoint a local criminal defense lawyer familiar with jurisdictions of the courts and its procedures and conversant with any type of criminal law in San Diego. The appointment of a defense attorney is a must, no matter how minor the charge might be because misdemeanors and felonies can even land you in jail or pay exorbitant fines or both. To avoid them at any cost, you must have a criminal defense attorney by your side that protects your interests.

Roles Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Interview

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The attorney begins the work by interviewing you face to face. It helps to find the answers to many questions of the attorney that help to have a clear insight about the case. It helps develop mutual trust, and the information gathered during the interview allows the attorney to establish a defense. Giving truthful answers to the questions is essential to build a strong defense.

Case Investigation

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Soon the defense attorney starts investing in the case by conducting extensive research by talking to many other people who matter in the case. It includes interviewing police officers, experts, and witnesses to gather information, followed by criminal deposition, if necessary. The attorney will also review the prosecution’s case against you as it is legally binding upon the prosecution to submit the case to the criminal defense attorney before trial. It helps to counter the accusations when building a defense.

Examination Of Evidence

After collecting the statements of witnesses and police, the attorney proceeds to examine the evidence. By reviewing the evidence, the attorney tries to determine its effect on the judge’s and juror’s perceptions and the trial outcome. It might take help from an independent expert witness to test the evidence to ascertain it can be beneficial for the case or hurt it. Based on the information gathered during the investigation and the evidence, the attorney will develop strategies to build a defense for the case.

Plea Bargaining Negotiations

The prosecution might sometimes offer a lighter punishment for defendants, provided they admit the guilt or cooperate with the prosecution. The process known as plea bargain is first to let known to the attorney of the defendant, who then discusses the offer with the client and advises whether to accept it or decline it. They strive to work out the best deal for the client. Taking a plea bargain results in lesser jail time, smaller fines, and reduced sentences.

Prepare For Trial

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If the case goes for trial, your defense attorney will develop strategies to face the trial and counter it with possible defenses. By analyzing various facts gathered about the case, they build a defense to answer all probable questions raised by the prosecution.

Jury Selection

Defense attorneys interview prospective jurors to eliminate the chances of biases that some jurors may have. The exercise is vital as it impacts the outcome of the trial. By influencing jurors’ choice, the attorney can get the chances of a successful trial outcome.

During the trial, the defense attorney is the defendant’s representative in the court and even represents the defendant during the sentencing hearing, if need be.

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