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The Real Cost of Negligence

Unfortunately, life is not predictable and nobody has the power to see into the future. At any moment your life can take a turn for the worse.

The Accident

You’re driving along without a care in the world feeling the warmth of the sun on your body. Suddenly, out of nowhere a car crashes into you. Unprepared, you take a hard hit that leaves your vehicle nearly unrecognizable and you shaken and seriously injured. After the police arrive you find you can’t remove yourself from the wreck and are transported by an ambulance to the local hospital. The doctor tells you that your injuries while not life-threatening will leave you unable to walk.

Paying for Your Loss

You are in denial about the accident and need the support of family members to keep your spirits up. There are many costs associated with the injuries sustained and after careful consideration, you decide to contact a personal injury attorney. Lost wages, medical-related expenses and car repairs are just the beginning. Since you will not be able to walk, you won’t be able to perform the duties required on your current employment. Living on disability is not going to pay the bills. Personal injury attorneys like the ones found here https://www.psinjury.com/,  know what’s involved and how much money you’ll need to cover treatments and new housing arrangements.

Picking Up the Pieces

Your life as you knew it just a few weeks ago is drastically different. Getting up to go to work, playing with the children, and enjoying private intimate moments with your spouse are no longer the same. Instead, you get up from bed assisted, you remain seated and your carefree living is over. On the bright side, you are alive and there are many things you can do despite your immobility. For instance, you can still drive a car. Many people in wheelchairs do it. Once you increase your upper body strength, getting in and out of the wheelchair unassisted is possible.


In order to return to as much of a normal life as possible to need to make modifications to your home. The large settlement you receive using a reputable personal injury attorney from the car accident can help you achieve it. Revamping a kitchen and a bathroom by changing the height of things such as counters, sinks and appliances will allow you to use them. Expanding openings will enable you to move freely throughout the home.

Adapting to Your New Way of Life

Going from an active lifestyle to one that requires a wheelchair 24/7 isn’t easy. However, remaining positive will allow you to do more. You can enjoy hobbies such as woodworking, painting and even grow an indoor garden. Spending time with your loved ones is also possible. You can sit and toss a ball, play board games and cook together. Parks and most recreational facilities have accommodations for wheelchairs, so going to an amusement park is not something you will need to pass up.

Losing the Anger

For many, after a serious accident, it’s hard to lose the anger. After all, if it didn’t happen you would still be able to walk. Accepting the fact that this is your new life and making the most of it will benefit you and your family immensely. They are not responsible for your condition and neither are you. In many cases, along with physical therapy, therapy sessions where you are able to talk to someone can help tremendously. Opening up to someone who’s unbiased will allow you to get it off your chest and find ways to best deal with it. Instead of giving up, become an inspiration to others around you.

Negligent drivers can change your life forever. The good news is that you can adapt. Making changes to your home and your vehicle, and positive thinking will all promote a better quality of life.


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