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The Most Unique Personal Injury Lawsuits In History

While most personal injury cases include slips and falls, work-related injuries, and road accidents, personal injury law refers to a rather vast range of instances. Any injury that occurs that is caused by the negligence of another party falls under personal injury law. Suppose you have experienced an injury that resulted from the negligence of another party. In that case, you should contact a Tustin personal injury lawyer to handle your case for you, ensuring that you receive fair and just compensation for your experience. Hiring an injury lawyer will benefit the outcome of your case.

With that said, some personal injury cases are on the more bizarre end of the spectrum. These are the unique personal injury lawsuit cases in history.

Some Unique Personal Injury Lawsuits

Unreasonably Frightened At A Horror Show

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While most of us would expect to be frightened to some extreme when visiting any horror show, the horror category genuinely intends to do just that. However, a 57-year-old woman visited the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house presented by Universal Studios; she felt ‘unreasonably’ frightened by the experience. Her personal injury lawsuit included psychological trauma and mental anguish claims that stemmed directly from the scary incident.

While we could expect such claims to be dismissed, the woman slipped and fell after attempting to flee from the haunted house after encountering a pretty scary chainsaw-wielding scene. Because of the slip and fall injury and the studios’ failure to follow up on the woman’s wellbeing, she won the case.

A Knife Sandwich

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A man from New York filed a personal injury lawsuit after an unfortunate dining experience at a local Subway after he found a serrated knife baked inside his sandwich. While the man was lucky enough not to sustain any injuries as he did not bite the blade, he did fall ill after consuming part of the sandwich. He filed a claim for $1million, although he only received $20 000 in compensation for the shockingly odd experience.

Blaming The Weather Man

We’ve all found ourselves quite upset after noticing just how inaccurate weather reports can be. However, a woman in Israel sued a television station after an inaccurate weather report caused her to dress inappropriately for the actual weather conditions. As a result, the woman found herself caught in the rain while wearing light clothing and fell ill. Oddly enough, she won her case and was rewarded $1000 in compensation for medical bills due to the misinformation.

Mental Anguish Over Missing Pants

Mental Anguish Over Missing Pants

Most of us would disregard a missing garment or two when getting laundry done at a dry cleaner, although one man was not entirely as unbothered by his missing pants. The administrative law judge, Roy L. Pearson, Jr, noticed the dry cleaner had misplaced his pants and sued for a whopping $54million for mental anguish and the companies failure to deliver on their satisfaction guarantee. However, after years in court, the lawsuit ended in favor of the dry cleaning business; although we can bet the man is still quite upset about his missing pants.

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