The Most Startling Nursing Home Abuse Statistics
Halt | June 6, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Most Startling Nursing Home Abuse Statistics and Why You Should Take Legal Action

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home? You want to think your loved one is getting the best care. Unfortunately, there’s a chance your loved one is neglected or even abused in the nursing home.

Any kind of abusive act is one that causes harm or distress to another person. The abuse usually happens to someone who trusts and/or loves their abuser.

Abuse can be a single act or repeating acts. Abuse can be sexual, physical, emotional, and/or psychological.

Is nursing home abuse common? Here are some startling nursing home abuse statistics and what to do if your loved one is a victim.

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics: This Problem Is More Common Than You Think

It’s easy to think “elder abuse can never happen to my loved one” or “the nursing home we chose would never do this to their residents.”

But it’s important to keep your eye out for any signs. Why? Because these statistics prove nursing home abuse is more common than you think.

  • 1 in 10 elders have been abused
  • 5 million elders are abused each year
  • Only 1 in 14 elder abuse incidents are reported. That’s because most victims are unable or unwilling to report their abuse.
  • 24.3% of elders experienced physical abuse in a nursing home
  • The US state with the best elder abuse protections is Massachusetts. The worst is South Carolina.
  • Elder abuse only continues to rise

Elder abuse does vary between states, countries, and income levels. But your loved one can find themselves abused in any nursing home.

What to Do If Your Loved One Is Abused

If you discover your loved one is abused in a nursing home, the first thing you should do is contact the authorities. Report all of the abuse that occurred. You can also alert the Adult Protective Services if your state has one.

Keep a record of the abuse. Talk to your loved one and see if they can document all of the abuse that occurred, the types of abuse they endured, and when it all happened.

Get your loved one out of the home immediately. Make other living arrangements for them and ensure they’re safe. If they can’t stay with you, ask someone you trust.

There are many nursing home abuse support groups. Share your story and help spread the word.

If you decide to go to court, there are many lawyers who specialize in nursing home abuse lawsuits.

Nursing Home Abuse Is a Serious Problem

We all want to think our loved one is safe in their nursing homes. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is more common than people think and it’s a serious problem.

These nursing home abuse statistics prove we need to take action to protect our seniors.

If your loved one was abused in a nursing home, immediately call the police and report the nursing home. Keep a record of the abuse if you go to court. And always hire a lawyer to help you with your case.

And don’t be afraid to tell your story and spread the word. This is the best way to educate the severity of nursing home abuse.

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