Road Danger Situation
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The Most Common Danger Situations You Should Know Whenever You’re Driving

“Everything is a risk.”, some will say. Yes, and even driving too. However, would you park up your car in the garage and decide you’re never going to drive again because you witnessed an accident the previous day or even today? No, of course not; except you’d be spending the rest of your remaining lifetime behind closed doors; because even if you prefer not to drive, you would have to be driven by other people and the risk still stays.

The thing is that there is absolutely no reason to be scared. You only need to be aware of factors that could be responsible for accidents so that whenever you’re out driving you could go more carefully and observingly.

Here are the most common road danger situations you must know to be much more ready:

Common Road Danger Situations

The Issue Of Reckless Drivers

This is one of the most existent road hazards. There are other drivers who are so negligent and impetuous. They ignore the basic safe driving rules as learned and warned at driving schools. Some drivers pay less attention to the road and are so easily distracted. They care less about traffic rules and always go over the speed limit mark. They would easily hit an unsuspecting fellow road user and cause an abhorrent crash. But what should you do after a car accident with such a driver? These dangerous folks sometimes drive under the influence and so you must be quick to engage all legal authorities –lawyers, police, etc– and get a handful of witnesses who could confirm the tipsy state of the erring driver.

The Issue Of Reckless Drivers

The thing is that you must always watch out for incautious drivers.

The Issue Of Long Traffic

There are those times you’d close from work at 4, 5, or 6 PM in the evening and hope to miss that usual heavy traffic on one principal road leading home. It usually starts around that time you close from work. You always hope to miss it but you always meet it. Such traffic can also present a road hazard and you must watch out. The reason is that it’s quite easy to lose concentration when driving from bumper to bumper. You could decide to quickly check that email or send that message or even make that call. As innocent as such may sound, they could cause accidents too. While such accidents may not be anything fatal, they could result in some of the nastiest road rages. All eyes on the road sirs.

The Issue Of Oil Spills And Wet Roads

The Issue of Oil Spills And Wet Roads

There are times of rainfall. The road is usually wet and slippery. As a driver, you’re expected to go at a much slower speed to help the brakes make quick stops without skidding when needed. Oil could also be spilled on the roads from faulty oil pumps in the vehicles and if this mixes with the already wet road during the rains, it could lead to a very grave crash. The brakes would find it difficult to hold the wheels in place. Who wants to know the aftermath of such? They just need to be applied the utmost care when rain driving.

The Issue Of Potholes

When there are cracks or potholes on the road, they could cause accidents if they misdirect the vehicle or puncture a tire. Uneven shoulders and gravel not stuck in the roads can also be hazardous. Watch out for these road holes and avoid them whenever you’re driving. Fixing the road holes is the responsibility of the city and so in case you’re involved in an accident as a result of the holes, you have the right to sue them and have them pay for the damages.

The Issue Of Animals Crossing

The Issue of Animals Crossing

One of the reasons you must be extra careful while driving on the road is to avoid running into animals crossing the roads. If they meet you all of a sudden, it could cause you to yank away abruptly and lead you off the road and straight into unwanted trouble. Check out raccoons, opossums, and deer. Sometimes cats and dogs too; they’re our fellow highly distracted road users who we must always pay special attention to.

There are so many other road danger situations that haven’t been discussed here, but they’re equally important. Poor visibility due to fog, unmarked roadwork spots, bad traffic lights, not using the turn signals, driving faulty and road unworthy vehicles are just a few other things that create road danger situations. Be safe on the roads and make sure to always use your seatbelts. Obey all traffic rules and everything will be just fine out there. No qualms.

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