Medication errors
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A Deadly Overdose: The Mortifying Reality of Medication Errors

Do you suspect that an injury or the death of a loved one happened because of medical negligence involving medicine?

Each year, around 98,000 Americans die in a hospital due to medical errors. Many of these fatalities along with numerous injuries happen when doctors misprescribe medications or nurses administer them incorrectly.

Read on to learn more about medication errors and what you can do about them.

Types of Medication Errors

Types of Medication Errors

A number of medical professionals play a role in medicating a patient. This creates a system of checks and balances that make errors less likely, but they can still happen.

Sometimes medical malpractice sticks out like a sore thumb. Other times, you might not see signs of it unless you investigate a little deeper.

If your loved one dies unexpectedly, knowing what to look for can help you discover whether or not it could have been prevented. Here are some of the common prescription medication errors.

Prescribing Error

When a doctor prescribes a medication, they should do so with care. Prescription drugs possess the power to heal or hurt a person, depending on their use.

Miscalculating the dose or misplacing a decimal can result in serious injury or death. If a doctor fails to review a patient’s history, they might also prescribe medicine they are allergic to or one that interacts inversely with their other medications.

Omission or Time Errors

In certain circumstances, patients need a prescribed medication to live. If a nurse fails to give such medication, then the patient may die or their disease may worsen. For instance, missing an insulin dose could have catastrophic consequences for certain people.

Nurses must pay attention to time, even when things get hectic. Giving a patient certain medications too early can create toxicity in the body and also lead to death.

Wrong Dosage Or Medication

Wrong Dosage Or Medication

When a nurse pulls a medication, they need to check the patient’s chart and the medication label. They must then carefully dose the medicine.

Giving the wrong dosage accidentally can seriously hurt a person. Also, they can kill somebody by giving a patient the wrong medication.

Administration Error

How a patient receives their medication can matter as much as what medication and how much of it they get. A nurse should always follow the correct procedure for giving the medication.

This means that they give it as directed, whether orally, intravenously, intramuscularly, or via another route. They should also pay close attention to whether or not it needs mixing and how long it should take to go in.

What If a Medication Error Occurs?

If a medication error occurs out of negligence, do not let it go. Your family deserves compensation for such an error.

Plus, not addressing the problem means it might happen again to another family. Visit for legal assistance.

Medication Errors Shouldn’t Happen

Medication Errors Shouldn't Happen

Medication errors should never happen in a medical setting. When doctors, nurses, and other medical staff follow protocol and double-check everything, they should catch mistakes before anybody gets hurt.

When this fails, seek out an attorney. Check out the rest of our site for more helpful articles.

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