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The loss of a loved one – 5 steps to help you cope

Experiencing the death of a loved one is probably the most difficult thing any of us will have to go through. Death is considered a natural part of life, with grief and loss being two things we all must go through at some point in our lives, but that doesn’t make the loss of a parent, partner, child, sibling or friend any easier.

Perhaps they died suddenly, maybe they battled a prolonged illness before they passed or maybe they were taken unexpectedly through no fault of their own – Sayville wrongful death lawyers can help you through this difficult kind of legal case. Grief can be complicated, which is why if you’re struggling, it’s important to reach out to a medical professional as soon as possible.

Here you’ll find 5 steps to help you cope with the loss of a loved one.

Accept and own your feelings

Confusion, anger, resentment, fear, irritability, sadness and huge sorrow. Emotions like this are completely natural when someone you love is no longer there. Emotions come thick and fast in the grieving process and it’s not uncommon to jump from one emotion to another. The most important thing to remember here is that these feelings are yours. And there is no right or wrong way to feel right now. Understanding this will help you through the grieving process.

Surround yourself with support

There are times when you won’t want the company of others, and you’ll want to be alone with your thoughts, memories and feelings. Again, this is completely natural, however it’s important to find the right balance and avoid isolating yourself and allowing your sorrow to spiral out of control. Ensure you have a strong support network around you, so when you do seek comfort and reassurance, the right people are there to help. Family and friends are of course ideal, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Consider reaching out for support from your religious minister, a support group, or even social media groups dedicated to grief and loss.

Take care of yourself

When you’re grieving it’s important to take each day as it comes. And to help you through each day, you can focus on your own health and wellbeing. Eating well, drinking plenty of water and exercising often will help keep you focused and help you through each day. Neglecting yourself will only hinder your physical health and enhance your feelings of negativity.

Help others

Perhaps others in your family are struggling too. If this is the case, then reaching out to them and supporting each other either by talking, expressing your feelings or just getting out and about can help you both through the grieving process and bring you closer together.

Remember and celebrate as much as you can

There’s no denying that loss goes hand in hand with sorrow. But this is also a chance to celebrate the life of your loved one and honour their memory as much as you can. Frame your favourite photographs, plant a tree in your garden in their memory, pass on their name to your new baby or something that feels appropriate to you.


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