The Legality and Ramifications of Gambling Online for Americans

Online gambling is taking over the internet in some ways.  There are a plethora of online gambling sites which are located overseas (and some in the U.S.) that citizens of the United States can frequent and it’s pretty much entirely legal.  However, you should study local and state laws before you start participating in online gambling. You should also learn about which countries outside of the U.S. that you can legally gamble with using the internet.  Another thing you really should do is look into which sites are certified and trusted by using platforms such as ban scammer city.

Offshore online gambling websites have been around for quite some time now.  However, it’s only in the last 10 to 15 years that they’ve really taken off. Part of the reason for their more recent popularity is the fact that laws have started to become much clearer about what is actually allowed and what is not.  In America, things are still kind of figuring themselves out.  But, most Americans can use offshore sites without much of a problem or worry.

With the rise of fantasy football and websites like FanDuel and Draft Kings, it’s becoming much more acceptable to wager on professional sports.  It’s not quite gambling although it’s also not much different in some ways. But, since you aren’t technically wagering on the outcomes and or scores of games it’s thought to be acceptable.  You are more or less betting on each player you choose for your team to have success and score a lot of points within the fantasy scoring system. And by using these two sites you have the potential to earn tons of money if you are lucky enough to win one of the big pots.

Where to go?

If you are an American citizen things aren’t quite black and white when it comes to gambling and gambling online.  The best thing for you to do if you want to wager on sports or play the casinos online is to find a site that is located outside of the U.S. in a country where online gambling is considered legal.  Most sites like this allow Americans to participate and are free of any legal worries in this case.

Sites like the ones listed below are best for people from the United States and are operating outside of U.S. jurisdiction.  Many countries have lesser regulations as say land-based U.S. casinos so it’s important to use this guide for trusted casinos which are known to operate and payout real funds and the games are thought to be on the up and up.  These sites also making it pretty easy for U.S. based players to load and take out money to and from their accounts.


Bovada has been in operation since 1994.  It’s pretty much a one-stop shop with sports betting and a full online casino with games like poker and blackjack.  On Bovada you can pretty much bet on any sport you want and during election seasons you can even wager on political wins and losses.  This site has a respectable reputation and is a favorite of many players from the U.S.

Bovada takes on all comers from the United States exclusively except those from Maryland, New York, and the state of Washington.  Deposits on Bovada can be done with prepaid cards, some credit cards, and your Visa debit card. You’ll also need to show proof of residence and that you over the age of 21.  Withdrawals are sent via Rapid Transfer or a check.

Bovada offers an initial deposit matching bonus of up to $3,000 and is widely considered the number one online casino for players in the USA.  They also offer a Bitcoin bonus. One thing to keep in mind is Bovada’s sister site Bodog88 allows players from some Asian countries to play poker with those on the Bovada platform since they are using the same network.  


BetOnline is another great place for Americans to gamble online.  Here you can bet on sports, horses, and several casino games as well.  They also have a feature called Betting edge which offers great tips for players who are beginners to experts.  You can bet on hockey, football, golf, baseball, basketball, among others and even the Olympics. If auto racing is your thing you can bet on that too with BetOnline.  BetOnline offers a 50% initial deposit bonus match of up to $2,500.


Cafe Casino offers a 500 percent initial bonus match of up to $5,000.  This is a highly trusted online casino that is also mobile friendly. CafeCasino is known for their slot games and they are said to be pretty loose.  So if the slots are your bag then this is probably the site for you. They have tons of different slot games so you’re sure not to get bored. They also offer a $100 referral bonus and specialty games too.  

So, What are the Legal Ramifications of Online Gambling for U.S. Residents?

As mentioned earlier things are still a bit confusing and they are also rapidly changing when it comes to online gambling laws in the U.S.  Well, let’s look at what we do know. The DOJ (Department of Justice) has stated that each individual state has jurisdiction over what their laws should be when it comes to both online and land-based casinos and or gambling.  Also, most states don’t have statutes which speak about online gambling. However, it could be understood that if a law mentions gambling this means gambling in any form.  Like I said things aren’t even remotely crystal clear on this subject. 

The DOJ and other federal entities have gone back and forth over the years concerning online gambling.  First, they said it was completely illegal. Then, last year they stated that all forms of gambling online wasn’t illegal.  After that, they’ve come to their current stance of saying that it’s up to each state to determine what is what when it comes to online gambling in the United States.  This prompted many states to move forward with legalizing some forms of online gambling. Some states allow for more options than others.

It should be noted that in many states that do say online gambling is illegal, the laws are pointed and in reference to the bookmakers and not the players.  Many states are planning to move forward with further legislation by 2020 to loosen the reigns on gambling online even more. This being said and like a broken record things are still not extremely clear across the country.

To sum it up, it appears that federally bettors participating in online gambling in the United States are good to go.  However, it’s the state statutes that need to be studied and adhered to if you want to keep your nose clean and avoid any problems.

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