The Legal Tricks of Dating Sites: The Mistakes We Make
Halt | January 31, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Legal Tricks of Dating Sites: The Mistakes We Make

Online dating sites are a place where millions of people go online to find the love of their life or a quick hookup. No matter what it is that you are looking for on these sites, people tend to make the same mistakes when registering. Some of these may be used to make a person feel safer when they date, but others are borderline or outright illegal. All in all, here are some important legal tricks of dating sites that you need to watch out for.

Agreeing to Terms They Haven’t Read

The first and most common legal mistakes that we make when it comes to dating websites is not reading the terms and conditions of the website. A lot of people want to feign ignorance when they violate the terms of use for a given website, but the fact is that too many people just hit accept when they see the terms appear. That isn’t necessarily illegal in and of itself, but the fact is that you make yourself liable for violations by willfully ignoring the rules and then saying that you didn’t know you were breaking the rules or the law when you signed up. It’s a sticky situation to say the least, but one that is easily avoided.

Giving a False Name

It doesn’t matter what website you’re signing up for, there is always going to be a problem with supplying a dating site a false name. When you join this site or any other dating site, you are agreeing to allow the dating site know who you are on paper in case there are instances of inappropriate behavior. When you create and hide behind a fake name while you are on the website, you are at best breaking the rules of the website. At worst, you’re breaking the law depending on the name you use and the jurisdiction in which you sign up.  Sure, you might feel a tad safer by hiding your personal name, but it can still lead to issues. Be honest when you sign up for a dating site because your username hides your real identity anyways.

Supplying Illegal Pictures or Videos

A lot of dating sites are prickly about the content that you share on the website. Depending on where you’re dating from and where your date is, sending videos or pictures that feature nudity or sexual acts could be illegal for many reasons. Yet, people tend to persist in this form of communication even without thinking about the consequences. Most of the time, you won’t even get noticed by the dating website, but if you aren’t careful you can find yourself kicked off the website or reported to authorities.

Cat-Fishing for Money

The final trick that people use on a dating site that skirt legality is known as cat-fishing. This is when a person pretends to be someone that they are not and uses that identity to get gifts or to cause mental anguish to a person on the other end. The problem is that it is usually a man pretending to be a woman to get gifts from another man with promises of a relationship or other arrangement.  This is technically theft by deception and can cause a lot of problems on both ends. Take the high road and avoid or report this behavior when you see it happening.
There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a dating site in terms of legal tricks. By learning about the ones that we have put up here, you will have a lower chance of being affected by them. Remember, it is worth taking a look at the fine print before you sign a contract to join a website, and your conduct has to fall in line with the site’s requirements, too.

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