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The Legal Industry And The Communication Breakthrough That Will Never Come

There are still some categories of workers who feel that they have no need for the support of online communication, considering everything having to do with social media like Instagram and brand storytelling as a kind of a waste of time, or at any rate as an unserious activity to which one should not devote too much attention.

Fortunately, these categories of professionals trying to resist the digitization of communication are becoming fewer and fewer, thinning out like snow in the sun, especially in the face of the advance of the new phase of web expansion that will once again change our lives, and which will be entirely dominated by what is commonly referred to as the Metaverse.

Regardless of the future developments in digitization, what is disconcerting in this day and age is that some professionals in the legal industry still fail to glimpse the potential contained in online communication tools, in their undisputed ability to produce added value for any brand, and that they continue to stubbornly pursue their activities in the traditional way as if absolutely nothing has changed in the past two decades.

The Looming Metaverse

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This wave of innovation, promoted and fostered by the rise of the Metaverse, will inevitably overwhelm all brands, regardless of their industry, forcing them to rethink their strategies again with the aim of adapting them to the changed conditions of the virtual scenario.

The challenge will be difficult, very difficult, but for those categories that refused to embrace even the first wave of change – the one dominated by social media, and in which we still find ourselves – it will be prohibitively difficult, almost impossible for all of them. For these reasons, all the professionals who have looked at online communication with skepticism, even derision, should undoubtedly reconsider themselves and immediately begin to update and try to understand the benefits of digital marketing and social media communication.

Among the categories that have resisted the change the most, we should definitely mention those of design and architecture: most of the professionals belonging to these sectors, even today, seem to want to lock themselves in their gloomy ivory towers, avoiding engaging themselves in simple communication activities that would undoubtedly benefit their business, bringing in many more clients and also radically changing the overall perception of the sector.


A very similar argument applies to the legal industry and legal professionals: these professionals should focus everything on personal branding, on the creative promotion of themselves through YouTube and other online communication channels, proposing an agile and smart tone of voice that knows how to go beyond the arid and bureaucratic legal language, understandable only to a select few and certainly in need of total renewal, of a clear adaptation to the changing times and the obvious need for clear, simple, icastic and incisive content, especially for what it has to do with online communication and social networks.

Whoever would initiate such a renewal, of a purely lexical nature, would surely be remembered as a kind of pioneer, as the initiator of a fundamental change that began precisely online, thanks to the tools of digital communication.

A Linguistic Shift

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Many brands have already begun this transition, placing on their sites and virtual spaces legal content proposed in a simplified manner, capable of conveying in full the meaning of a certain rule with a more streamlined form, more easily understood by a wide audience of people, and not only by professionals in the field.

It is quite curious that these attempts are regularly made by most brands, and that they are instead almost completely ignored by those directly concerned, namely legal professionals: in fact, the latter should be the first to trigger lexical and linguistic change in their field, making use of the very many communication tools made available by digitization.

Among the brands that continue to devote large sections of their sites to topics of a legal nature, and to propose them in a fluent and perfectly understandable manner by all, are undoubtedly the portals specializing in gambling such as Asiabet, which have already learned several years ago to make proper use of the powerful means of online communication to achieve all their purposes.

In fact, these platforms do not only offer wide selections of sites where to place their bets, or where to find fun online casino games but also accurate sections dedicated to responsible gaming and legal aspects of gambling, thus allowing everyone to indulge in their fun in total safety, without any kind of surprise.

To change the fate of an entire industry such as the legal industry, sometimes, all it takes is a small action carried out online, on social media, and that knows how to involve as many people as possible.

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