Florida hit and run
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The Legal Consequences of a Florida Hit and Run

Leaving the scene of any car accident without taking proper responsibility is illegal. The difference between crashes that damage property and hurt people is that one is a civil offense, while the other is criminal.

When you leave the scene of a Florida hit and run, you’re not only breaking the law, but you’re potentially leaving someone out to die.

Depending on the time of the accident and your surroundings, you may be the only person who can call 911 in time to prevent injuries from becoming fatal.

Maybe you know all this, and you were involved in a hit and run anyways.

If you left the scene, you might be wondering what you can do to make it right. If you were injured, you want to know what your rights are.

We’re helping both parties below.

Florida Hit and Run Laws to Know

How To Get Compensation For A Hit-And-Run

Hit and runs are a criminal offense in almost every state, including Florida. We’ve re-worded the laws without legal jargon for you. As you’ll see, some of these laws also apply to regular car accidents.

It’s important to know both.

If you were the driver, it’s your duty to stop your car at the scene or close to the accident. Whoever is at fault must provide the other driver with their name, contact information, and insurance details. If the person hit asks to see their driver’s license, the person at fault is required to do so.

If the person driving the at-fault car is not the owner of the car, they must let the owner know and provide their information as well.

If you hit a car while the other person is not present, the law dictates that you have to leave a note with those same details.

Finally, the law requires you to call the police in the event of any crash with significant damage as soon as possible. That means when you’re on-site.

If someone is clearly hurt, you must be willing to help them, whether that means assisting them on the scene or calling an ambulance. If someone is hurt, call the authorities before you do any of the above steps.

Those laws come from Florida Statutes 316.062 and 316.027.

To Prove a Hit and Run in a Court of Law

The Legal Consequences of a Florida Hit and Run

Whether you’re the victim or the offender, there are four legal elements to establish a charge in a hit and run case.

  • The accused has to be the driver of the vehicle at the time of the crash
  • The accused knew they were leaving the scene of an accident
  • The accused understood there was injury or property damage
  • And they did not stop or call for authorities at the time of the crash

If you were the driver and you know you left the scene of a crime, you’ll get better hit and run sentencing if you work with a criminal offense lawyer. Admitting and coming to court to hold yourself accountable for your crimes will reduce the punishment for a hit and run.

Want to work with a lawyer to help your case? Learn more here.

Proving Your Case in Court


Whether you’re going to court to hold someone else accountable for your actions or want to receive a lesser punishment, it’s essential to have the proper representation.

Find a lawyer with experience with Florida driving laws or Florida hit and run cases for the best results.

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