Online Dating
Halt | April 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Laws of Online Dating

You don’t want to get yourself in trouble with online dating, but it can be easy to fall into that trap. We set out some legal tips to follow to ensure you’re being safe.

Simple Things You Can Do That Break the Law on Online Dating Sites

Online dating has transformed the world of dating and relationships. It makes easier to find someone, save time and money on romantic dates, but also it can influence people to break the law. informs that online dating can lead to outcomes that are the exact opposite of what you had in mind and may in some instances put you at risk of committing a criminal act. In the light of keeping yourself and those you’re interacting with safe, here are some things to think about when you begin online dating.

Avoid Sexting

Although this may be fun and flirty, it can have serious ramifications if the person you’re messaging is underage. Even if they have lied and told you they are of age, you can be prosecuted as you have elicited pornographic content from a minor. It is best to avoid this kind of messaging until you have met someone in person and know for sure that they are who they say they are.

Ask for Age First

You don’t want to be asked why you waited so long to figure out how old the person you were talking to is. Even if their profile states an age, don’t underestimate the importance of asking over a message. Someone can always easily change their profile age but if they have stated in a message to you, then you have covered your back with that and can always say that, as far as you were aware, they were of age.

No Means No

Your online presence needs to be as courteous and considerate as you are in actuality. By pushing for pornographic images or trying to force someone to do something online they’re not comfortable with, you are walking an incredibly tight line regarding consent. This kind of behavior can be used against you if something more serious turns up in the future too.

Don’t Disclose Private Information

Once you get to know someone and begin dating it is different, but you should never share information, such as your address, on an online dating site. It can lead to multiple issues and put you in a very difficult situation.

Be Careful of How and When You Meet People

When you’re meeting for the first time, for their safety and yours, you need to think extremely carefully about how and when you’re meeting them. You may think it is romantic to go someone secluded at night but that doesn’t mean it is safe. Keep the first meeting public and in the day and always make sure to tell someone where you will be and when.

Make Sure You’re Weeding Out Fake Profiles

Someone underage is likely to create a fake profile as they will need photos of someone who looks older to be able to sell their online persona. This means that you need to be vigilant and weed out those profiles to protect yourself as much as possible.

Never Send Money to People You Met Online

Even if you’re doing this out of the kindness of your heart, sending someone money can look incredibly dodgy. Especially if this person turns out to be underage, it can look like you’re grooming someone. It is best to leave it alone and keep finances out of your online dating life.

Consider all these things when you’re dating online because it can only take one slip-up to turn your entire life upside down. Furthermore, you don’t want to expose any child to that kind of world any more than they already have been. So, always be cautious and think before you act online.