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The importance of legal advice in traffic accidents

If you are involved in a traffic accident resulting in injuries, whether you are a driver or a companion, in a car, motorcycle, truck, taxi, or if you are run over, you are always entitled to receive compensation based on the injuries suffered and expenses incurred, days of medical leave and healing.

In the criminal field, the deadline for filing the corresponding complaint is six months from the date of the accident. In the case of civil lawsuit, the period to claim is one year since the healing of the injuries caused in the traffic accident is reached. As for material damages, the term is one year for your claim, and the corresponding part in your insurance company must be processed within the next seven days.

In the area of ​​traffic accidents, there is the mistaken belief – largely promoted by the insurance companies themselves – that it is more practical and economical for the injured party, to process the compensation with the company, when the truth is, that the insurance companies have Agreements between them, and ensure their own interests, do not offer legal advice or relevant medical follow-up, always obtaining compensation for injury much lower than that which the injured party could obtain.

Did you know that the insurance policy of your vehicle contains legal defense coverage, with which you can pay the fees of the traffic accident lawyer, which you select for your defense? And that in some cases, you can also use the Legal Defense of Home Insurance? In fact, the lawyer specializing in traffic, knowledgeable about the details, will process the legal defense he has contracted with his company, so he pays the fees, up to the limit contracted in the policy, which means that said fees for Legal counsel will be covered by your insurance; In return, you will receive independent legal advice from the insurance company and a medical follow-up that you would not otherwise have, and you will receive the compensation that truly corresponds to you, and not that determined by agreements between insurance companies.

In order to calculate the compensation for the injuries suffered, the time that has been prevented from performing their usual occupations (imperative days), the time it has taken to heal the injuries (days of healing) and the permanent disability suffered will be taken into account. . All this is calculated based on legally established criteria. Even if you do not have a leave from work, you can also obtain preventive days, since the preventive days correspond to the days that you have not been able to perform your usual occupations, whether you are self-employed, self-employed, self-employed, student, housewife or retired.

It is advisable to have legal advice such as Grand Junction Auto Accident Lawyer from the first moment, in this way you will know the value of the statements made at the time of the accident, the importance of the contributions of the witnesses who witnessed the accident, the value of the expert evidence – to issue an opinion on speeds, times, points of impact and deformations of vehicles- and specifically, of the reports issued by the reconstruction teams of both private and public accidents; the importance of the documentary evidence (attestation or friendly declaration of accident, photographic reports of the final positions of the vehicles and / or of the entity and location of the material damages, the invoices or budgets of repair of the vehicles and the severity of the injuries, among others) and the transcendent medical follow-up of the injuries, being of paramount importance that the medical reports reflect the injuries and possible permanent injuries, in order to then be able to claim the corresponding compensation.

Remember to choose a specialist lawyer outside the insurance companies, to ensure your economic interests, to offer you a personalized treatment, which includes legal advice, continuous medical follow-up of your injuries, work disabilities etc …, in order to achieve maximum economic results.

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