The Importance of Honesty in an Attorney-Client Relationship
Halt | November 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Importance of Honesty in an Attorney-Client Relationship

Honesty between client and attorney is the backbone of any crimnal case.  Most lawyers will have an idea of what questions the prosecutor will ask along with all the evidence and witnesses.  After assessing all of this information your lawyer will map out a plan of where he thinks the case will go. He’ll then ask certain questions of you to help build his and or your case.  

This is where your full disclosure of everything he asks of you needs to be completely honest.  If you don’t handle the matter in this way then you are leaving the door open for surprises during your trial and your lawyer can possibly be blindsided.  If that happens you will most likely lose your case since your lawyer probably won’t be able to recover from the surprise.

Most lawyers will tell you that if you don’t tell them the truth it sours their view of you and can make a positive attorney/client relationship a negative one quickly.  Needless to say, this is not a good situation for you. There are two ways you can “lie” to your lawyer.

One way is to omit part of a story.  If you leave out important events or facts when you are explaining the story to your lawyer this gives your lawyer a false impression on what way to steer your case and also about the strength of it in the first place.  

The other “lie” is the flat-out kind.  For instance, if you say it wasn’t you when it was or maybe you state that you told someone they couldn’t do something when you actually said it was ok.  Anything similar to this can derail your case almost instantly.

One thing that should be mentioned is the way you communicate with your lawyer.  Meaning if you are unresponsive when he needs to reach you and get answers or information from you then your case will suffer.  If you are busy with other things such as your job or running a business you should allow time each day to check in or answer any communications with your lawyer promptly.  This will go along way to make your relationship with your lawyer run smoothly and allow him or her to provide the best defense possible for you and your case.

Similarly don’t put things off.  Try not to miss or reschedule a meeting with your lawyer.  The sooner they have all of the information they feel they need, the sooner they can get into your case and plan your defense.  You’ll also have some answers once this happens which will give you some idea of any outcomes you may be facing.

To summarize it is extremely important, to be honest, and give your lawyer all of the information you can.  Good or bad. Basically, you should answer all questions your lawyer asks you honestly.

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