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The Different Types of Lawyers and What They Do

Understanding the differences between types of lawyers can help if you’re in a legal bind. Quit using the general term lawyer to cover an overlapping number of law-based professions.

Basic knowledge of lawyers may help you grasp an occupation that is projected to grow nine percent in the next 10 years. As it stands today, there is about one lawyer for every 240 people in the United States.

Considering the growing field, most lawyers will specialize in one area of law. This level of experience makes them an expert in the field of their choosing.

If you’re wondering what type of lawyer you need, keep reading. In this article, we will uncover the duties and responsibilities of three common types of lawyers.

Tax Lawyer

Tax Lawyer

You file your taxes every year, or at least, you should.

A tax lawyer assists with the U.S. tax system. This type of lawyer provides businesses and individuals with detailed information regarding tax rules and regulations.

As you may know, staying in compliance with local, state, and federal tax laws can help you avoid the IRS. A tax lawyer can not only help in those situations but correct issues if they arise.

Family Lawyer

Although the title may have led you astray, this is not a member of your family who’s a lawyer.

A family lawyer is well versed in domestic relations and family-related situations. These types of lawyers are responsible for everything from divorce to domestic violence, and even reproductive rights.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Local Personal Injury Lawyer

These types of lawyers don’t take too much digging to understand. It’s in the name.

A personal injury lawyer will assist in the civil legal liabilities and damages when a person accuses another person, business, government entity, or organization of physical or psychological injuries. If a type of injury has in any way hampered your income, a personal injury lawyer will work to get you the proper compensation.

How to Choose Types of Lawyers

The different types of lawyers are not limited to the three covered above. If you want to choose the right lawyer for your needs, you need to do some research.

Start with several recommendations from businesses, friends, family, you name it. Word of mouth and previous reviews are useful resources before interacting with a lawyer. Online resources like this can help you determine what types of lawyers you’re looking for and how they can assist you.

For example, the lawyers at frameandframe.com are well versed in plenty of legal areas. Evaluate a lawyer’s experience and ask all questions you may have.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Find a Lawyer Today

Now that you understand some types of lawyers, you might feel comfortable finding one that meets your needs.

One great way to locate a lawyer experienced in the field you require is through an online law directory. Websites like this one can help you manage, locate, and connect with the lawyer of your choice.

Keep reading our articles to discover more about types of lawyers, their duties and responsibilities, and more!


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