Difference Between An Attorney And A Lawyer
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What Is The Difference Between A Lawyer And A Defense Attorney?

Legal professionals are knowledgeable in the field of law. They are charged with defending the legal rights of individuals or companies and also making sure the laws of the land are upheld. Examples of legal professionals are judges, solicitors, counselors, lawyers, and attorneys.

This defense attorney noted that many people believe that legal professionals are only needed when faced with legal problems. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Apart from representing and defending your interest in a courtroom, legal professionals have a lot to offer to their clients.

For example, most top business and wise entrepreneurs never make any important business decisions without consulting with a lawyer.

One common misconception is that lawyers and attorneys are the same. Unknown to many, although they are both legal professionals, they both serve different purposes. It’s important to know the difference between these two legal professionals, as you never know when you need the information.

The Difference Between An Attorney And A Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney

All over the world, it is a well-known fact that no matter the nature of the crime you have committed, you are entitled to legal representation. When you commit a crime, the legal professional that represents you is what is known as a lawyer.

In movies, the legal professional seen standing up in court to defend the plaintiff or the defendant is a lawyer. However, lawyers offer more than to defend you in court. They also give legal advice and offer you interpretation when your case is being discussed.

Ways A Lawyer Can Provide Legal Services To You

Lawyers practice law and have more legal obligations. Their code of ethics is strict due to the nature of their practice, as they are sworn to always protect any information discussed with them. Lawyers have the opportunity to hold several roles and also specialize in any field of their choice. The two most common places where the services of lawyers are needed are in the court, and for business issues.

In The Court

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If you are charged to court, you need the services of a lawyer. The lawyer will try their best to support your case. The function of the lawyer in this role is to provide evidence that will benefit their client in the case, as they defend the client.

The lawyer can also act as an adviser throughout the case by counseling, guiding, or instructing their client about the right step to take in order to resolve the legal issue. When lawyers take additional roles for trial work, they conduct research, interview the clients and witnesses, as well as get additional information that will be used in court.

For Your Business

If you are a business owner, or you wish to launch your business, a lawyer has an important part to play. A lawyer can help with setting up your legal documents, in order to avoid legal traps from your business partners or the government. Even if you can’t afford a top dollar lawyer, you can still find a lawyer ready to help you out and provide you with quality advice as long as your budget is a fair one. You can find good lawyers near you through search engines and online business listing platforms.

Types Of Lawyers

Lawyers these days can practice privately, and can also offer their services on a wide range of cases. These cases can be criminal cases or other cases that require a lawyer’s service. Lawyers can also choose to specialize in a particular field and stay within that field.

Below are some types of lawyers and the field they specialize in.

Environmental Lawyer

As the name implies, an environmental lawyer specializes in cases that concern the environment. Matters such as climate change, clean technology, water law, and public land are the kind of cases they are devoted to.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

These kinds of lawyers are devoted to protecting trade secrets, inventions, creative properties, and product names.

DUI Defense Lawyer

DWI Lawyer

DUI Defense Lawyers are criminal lawyers that specialize in defending drunk driving charges. If you are involved in an accident due to drunk driving, these are the lawyers to contact.

Civil Law Lawyer

Civil Law Lawyers are those who are experts with contracts, wills, and trusts. They help you tighten up the loose ends and ensure you avoid any form of loopholes.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, a criminal defense lawyer is who will defend your case. They are those lawyers that go to court and provide useful evidence to prove your innocence.


An attorney is a legal professional that conducts business for their clients. However, an attorney can represent you in court. When you have an attorney representing you in court, such an attorney is called an attorney-at-law. The main difference between an attorney and a lawyer is that lawyers practice the law, while attorneys conduct business with and for their clients. Due to this, attorneys are usually referred to as agents.

Types Of Attorney

An attorney can decide to diversify or stick to a specialized field. Therefore, we have different types of attorneys. Knowing the different types of attorneys will help you decide on the right legal help you need in certain situations.

Examples of attorneys are:

  • Corporate and Securities Attorney
  • Tax Attorney
  • Education Attorney
  • Labor Attorney
  • Health Attorney
  • Family and Juvenile Attorney
  • International Attorney
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Sports and Entertainment Attorney
  • Real Estate Attorney


It is quite easy to confuse the roles of a lawyer with that of an attorney. This is mainly because some of their roles cut across each other.

So before you reach out to a law firm, it is important that you know what your needs are and whether you will be needing a lawyer or an attorney.

If you are not sure of which of the two to hire for any of your ligation processes, you can easily reach out to them at BoanLaw. They have a team of law professionals ready to answer all your litigation-related questions and point you in the right direction.


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