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The Cost of Hiring a VA Disability Lawyer

In general, when you are opting for a lawful presentation by a VA disability lawyer, it doesn’t involve an upfront fee. Instead, most of them arrange for a contingent fee. That is, a VA disability lawyer will not charge according to hour but rather will receive a basic percentage of the pay back of the veteran on the appeal that is already won.

This makes the financial investment in appointing a VA disability lawyer risk-free. Thus, while you are recruiting a VA disability lawyer, you have to keep in mind that the veteran gets to lose nothing even in the case of financial fruitlessness, which may happen in the relationship of an attorney-client. Or, on the brighter side, in case the investment becomes a success, it pays off a good amount of dividends.

Need for a contingent fee by the VA disability lawyer

VA disability lawyer

As discussed earlier, when you hire a VA disability lawyer, there is no involvement of any upfront fee. Instead, they arrange for a contingent fee. Thus, here lies the question of why VA disability lawyers need a contingent fee. Let us see.

When a veteran agrees upon contingent fees, they do acquire the right to hire any professional legal representation without having the involvement of any upfront money. This is also because it is always impossible for every veteran to afford lawyers just out of their pockets.

When a veteran puts in an appeal and if it is won, only, in that case, an attorney can get paid, and the interests of everyone get aligned. In other terms, they have to win the appeal to earn a livelihood.

Moving on to the next part of this article, let us discuss the breakups of a contingent fee agreement.

Breakage of the contingency fee structure

Choose A Lawyer For A Denied VA Disability Appeal

As there are no specifications for the cost of recruiting a VA disability lawyer, there is just an agreement of a contingent fee. But it should also be kept in mind that the prices of a VA attorney can be regulated only by the authority. Everything is on the basis of fixed fee and rate per hour and a contingent fee from regulation to charge. There might also be a mixture of such props, but most VA disability lawyers do charge a contingency fee.

When an attorney is charging less than 20% or exactly 20%, the attorney is likely to get paid directly by the VA on withholding it from the pay back of the veteran. In cases when it is more than 20%, an attorney has the right to collect the fee directly from the esteemed person.

Managing professionalism in partnership

Choose A Lawyer For A Denied VA Disability Appeal

One should know that an attorney’s contingency fee covers the expenses and covers litigation costs. But do you do it based on what the appeals of the VA are finally won? Well, the answer to it will be vocational and medical evidence. And thus, at times, it becomes important to hire an independent expert.

Sometimes, there are the involvement of experts from outside like independent vocational experts or the independent medical experts that may help to win the appeal. Independent doctors are known to draw other kinds of closures compared to the VA examiners performing the Compensation & Pension examination.

Wrapping Up

It can be said that this article has covered almost everything one needs to know regarding the cost structure of appointing a VA disability lawyer. But to proceed further and let you know that your first consultation with your preferred VA disability lawyer attorney is always a free one. So, if you ever feel confused or want to know the different cost perspective of recruiting a VA disability lawyer, then to keep your worries at a distance, this article may help you with it.


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