Legislation to Climate Change
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The Attitude of Legislation to Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing global problem, sitting among the top concerning environmental issues of our time. It doesn’t just affect the planet, but our economy and society as well. Climate change is also a human rights problem, as millions of people directly feel its impact.

What has been countries response to climate change? What policies has the world’s governments put in place to control and curtail the effects of this environmental challenge on the planet? What are the consequences and impacts of climate change? Here are the answers to these questions.

Educational Programs

There’s currently a high awareness of the dangers of this environmental problem, with many school tutors promoting its concept among their pupils. It’s mandatory in many colleges that a teacher educates his students about the impact of climate change. Sustainability and the ability to create constructs with minimal impact on the environment is a critical part of Engineering Education.

The process of healing our planet starts with us as individuals. As a university student, there’s a high chance you’d have come across discussions about this high threat to mother earth. Looking through https://paperap.com/climate-change/ for free papers on climate change can provide you more information on greenhouse effects, global warming, and more. Consider indulging in practices that promote nature conservation. You can change your lifestyle, recycle often, volunteer or donate to programs, and more.

Effects of Climate Change

One critical effect of climate change is an increase in the impact of greenhouse emissions. The earth experiences higher temperatures as it gets warmer. There are new record levels of storms, floods, droughts as the weather patterns change across the world. Billions of dollars are lost in disasters, with many losing their homes, properties, and businesses.

Wildlife also succumbs to the hammering impact of climate change. Vegetations are lost on a large scale, and animals get displaced from their natural habitat due to rapid forest fires and extensive drought. Higher sea levels, dirtier air, increased ocean acidity, and more are some of the effects of this environmental challenge.

Legislative Actions to Help Combat the Impact of Climate

Countries response to climate change has been positive, with 197 nations being signatories to the Paris Agreement. This international treaty superseded the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) of 1994. The critical goal of this arrangement is to have their nations achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050. Nations aimed to limit global warming to about 1.5 degrees Celsius, with each country submitting its plans to achieve this feat.

Here’s a list of actions and policies nations put in place to combat global warming

Shifting to Renewable Energy

Most countries response to climate change has been finding an alternative solution to fossil fuels. Nations such as Brazil and South Africa have significantly improved their research into renewable energy sources. The use of solar-powered plants, turbines, and biofuels is slowly gaining traction in many major cities.

China spent billions of dollars on renewable energy research. This highly technological nation has large investments in hydroelectric, solar, and wind power. European nations are also in the mix of the fight against climate change. In cities such as Copenhagen, the number of bikes exceeds that of cars, with most of its busses running on electricity.

America is also making strides to curtail its greenhouse gas emissions. This nation’s legislators put in place mandatory fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles running on fuels. There’s also increased popularity of electric cars in the United States, with brands such as Tesla and Chevrolet leading the pack.

Taxing Polluters

Countries such as Australia, impose taxes on polluters based on their carbon emissions. The nation uses its plan to curtail excessive Carbon production in its Carbon Market.

Afforestation and Reduction in Deforestation

Multiple nations such as Brazil and Australia have significantly reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by reducing deforestation levels. They cut down on the practice of land clearing, promoting afforestation, and creating more restrictions on indiscriminate and illegal tree felling.


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