The Art of Using Instagram to Build Your Reselling Business
Halt | February 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Art of Using Instagram to Build Your Reselling Business

If you’re someone who has caught the reselling bug, you see the potential in it. There’s a lot of money to be made in reselling. With platforms like eBay, Poshmark and Mercari, there’s no way this type of online business building will slow down any time soon. Knowing this, it’s an excellent idea to use a popular social media platform like Instagram in order to build your visibility in the marketplace. There are a few factors that you’ll need to consider when you’re devising a plan to dominate the reselling world on Instagram. 

The Art of Using Instagram to Build Your Reselling BusinessDefine your target audience 

There are so many approaches to consider when you’re developing a platform on Instagram to build your visibility for your reselling business. If you’re looking to find people who are interested in buying your merchandise, you’re going to take a different approach than someone who is teaching other people the ease of reselling. If you’re selling merchandise, develop a niche. If you’re reselling fashionable clothing on platforms like Poshmark, you’ll want to produce content that features the clothing. If you’re showing people how to become resellers, you’re going to want to find people who are really interested in entrepreneurship. Additionally, you’re looking for interested people who are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity. If you’d like to do a combination of both, it’s important to define and finesse your voice. Otherwise, your message might become pretty confusing and hard to follow. Visit EarthWeb to know more about Instagram growth.

A Few Lessons in Content Development 

Once you define your target audience and your niche, you can begin creating incredible content. When it comes to content creation, it’s always better to stay ahead of the curve. You can do this by being prepared. Sit down to create a batch of content in advance. It’s also a great idea to make sure you use a scheduling tool. With the right scheduling tool, you can upload the content and schedule it in advance. When the time comes, the scheduling tool will pump out the content. Do your research to find out when the best times to post are. If you don’t post at the right times, your content can easily get lost in the Instagram feed. 

Hashtag Usage

Using the right hashtags is one of the most essential components to help you get in front of new people. Instagram has a special feature that allows you to follow any particular hashtag you want. If you’re reselling a particular brand of discontinued makeup, put the brand name for the makeup in the search engine section of Instagram. The results will populate with the appropriate hashtags that people are using surrounding this particular brand of makeup. Once you start following the hashtag, you can start liking and commenting on the pictures within that subset. As you comment, you can let people know that you sell that particular item. Try to do it in a way that doesn’t come off as spam. You want to authentically interact with people in order to redirect them to your page. 

Take incredible pictures and videos 

Make sure that your photos and videos are up to par. If your pictures are blurry or raggedy, it’s going to portray a level of unprofessionalism. Instead, make sure that you take good-looking pictures. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. The cameras on smartphones are impeccable. Whether you use a ring light or natural light, make sure that you find creative ways to capture your content. If you’re reselling designer heels through Instagram, create flat lays and beautiful displays that showcase the shoes. Instagram is a very visual platform. Contact to make sure you don’t neglect that fact. 

Use the Stories feature often 

The Stories feature will really help you as you’re working on developing a consistent presence on Instagram. There are tons of people who solely pay attention to Instagram stories. Consequently, they won’t see any of your content that’s on your feed. There’s a sharing button you can use. All of the content you place on your feed can be shared in your stories. Additionally, you can record exclusive content for those who watch your stories. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to hold the phone up to your face to talk to your viewers each time. There are tons of people who use the stories to share motivational quotes in addition to their business content. If you can strike a balance, that’ll be helpful. Plus, as you use the stories feature on a consistent basis, it helps you to become more relevant to your following. 

Go live on Instagram 

The live feature isn’t everyone’s favorite because it’s almost equivalent to public speaking. However, a live broadcast is helpful because the algorithms tend to give those accounts more visibility. Knowing this, do your best to figure out the best times to go live. If you’re nervous, jot down a few notes so that you can remember what you want to say. Always do your best to provide value so that others will return and spread the word.

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