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The Telltale Signs That Are Urging You to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Did you know that around 64% of Americans own homes? If you are a homeowner and are currently dealing with a situation with your home that might require an attorney you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share the top signs that you definitely need to call a real estate attorney to help you navigate your specific situation.

Keep reading to see whether or not your situation might require someone that is more familiar with real estate law.

1. Evictions


If you are a homeowner and you are dealing with a tenant that has not paid rent you are going to have to deal with the process of eviction. Every state varies but it can be a complicated process so it is wise to get a real estate attorney on your side to help you navigate the process.

If the tenant is fighting the eviction or if this is your first experience with an eviction then a real estate lawyer can not only give you the right advice on the process they will also know the right forms and papers to file when a tenant is disputing your notice.

2. Declined Insurance Claim

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If your home insurance declined an insurance claim that you filed then it is wise to contact someone with this type of experience because they can intervene and have the insurance company approve the claim. For example, a hurricane Ida settlement lawyer can file the appropriate paperwork to dispute the declined claim and get you on the road to getting your home’s damage approved and fixed.

3. Getting Sued for Maintenance

Sometimes a tenant might decide to sue their landlord because they think that the rental property has not been maintained and in turn has ruined their clothing or furniture. Usually, your home insurance company will cover the damages but if you are not sure about the process then you can contact a law firm that deals with real estate to see what their advice is in moving forward.

If you believe that they are suing you and it is unwarranted, an attorney can also help fight back the lawsuit.

4. Sued for Injury

Whenever a tenant or even a guest feels that they got injured or sick because you did not maintain the property correctly, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney to defend you. A personal injury case can get messy and complicated but an attorney will know how to help you if you are not responsible for the injury or sickness.

Ready to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

What Is A Real Estate Attorney

We hope that now that you learned the top reasons to hire a real estate attorney you are more confident about calling in the professionals to help you and take some stress off your shoulders.

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