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Teenage Driver Speeding Kills Thousands Every Year

When it comes to teenage drivers, the inherent combination of inexperience and immaturity can be fatal once speeding is added to the mix. As exposed in a new automobile safety report, 43% of fatal car crashes with a teenage driver or passenger are caused by speeding. While speeding is deadly for any demographic, it is particularly dangerous for teenage drivers.

The United States has a particularly lax culture around speeding, with the wide acceptance of driving over the speed limit and many teenage drivers treating the speed limit as a guideline instead of a law. Aggressive campaigns against drinking & driving and seatbelt wearing have been used to target problematic driving behaviors in the U.S., but the same cannot generally be said for speeding. For teenagers that are especially impressionable and prone to risk-taking, this general speeding acceptance lends itself to reckless driving and grave results.



The statistics involving teen speeding can be alarming. An in-depth analysis of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. between 2015 and 2019 found that in this five-year period, 4,930 teen drivers and passengers died in car crashes involving speeding. It was also discovered male teenagers are more likely to die during speeding-caused accidents than females and are males more likely to not be using a seatbelt properly at the time of the accident.

time of the accident

When it comes to having passengers in the car, the less, the better. In deadly speeding-related car crashes involving teen drivers, the risk increases with every additional passenger.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the speeding problem in the United States. A recent study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that “during the height of the national public health emergency and associated lockdowns, driving patterns and behaviors changed significantly, and that drivers who remained on the roads engaged in more risky behavior, including speeding, failing to wear seat belts, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

What Now?

While these statistics may seem overwhelmingly fatal, there are steps that can be taken to reduce teen speeding. Parental involvement can be a huge factor; by modeling good driving habits, parents can help provide the necessary foundation for safe driving. Never speeding, drunk driving, or using cell phones while driving are just a few of the behaviors that parents should emphasize when driving with their teens.

What Now

There are also a number of resources available for teen drivers and their parents to establish expectations for driving practices, including:

  • Parent-Teen Driving Agreement — CDC
  • The New Driver Deal — Drive It Home
  • Know the Risks of Teen Driving — AAA
  • 7 Free Apps to Prevent Texting While Driving — HONK

What If I Am Involved In A Teen Speeding Accident?

Despite the precautions that you can take to avoid causing an accident, there is always a level of risk involved with driving. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car crash caused by teen speeding, a Bridgeport car accident lawyer can help you navigate the car accident claims process. Reach out today to help get the compensation that you deserve.


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