Supreme Court’s’ Decision Overview – States to Decide to Legalize Gambling

Online gambling has boomed over the last decade or so.  Within recent years specifically, since about 2015 online gambling and online gambling websites have seen its user base skyrocket typically by using pay per head betting sites.  Pay per head websites are basically outsourcing for those who want to become bookies but don’t want to run the day to day operations of the site or service.  Since the ruling, there are more people than ever looking to both participate in and run a sports betting service

However, until this past May both sports betting and daily fantasy sports wagering on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel were still illegal in many states, and with the supreme court’s’ decision in May to strike down PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Betting Act) which was preventing states from legislating their own laws to regulate sports gambling that will change drastically in the coming years.

The N.J. Governor Phil Murphy v. NCAA case and subsequent ruling is going to allow bookies and states to have a say in what the rules are and how things are essentially done when it comes to the floodgates being opened concerning legalizing all sports betting.  Basically, you won’t have to go offshore anymore as most people still do who aren’t in states with casinos or where offshore online gambling is considered ok.  Put it this way it is estimated that about 400 billion U.S. dollars are said to be wagered on various sports and sporting events.  It is also estimated that more than 90% of this is done illegally.

This new ruling has paved the way for DraftKings and Fanduel and those who love to play fantasy sports and wager on them in the process.  

What does the ruling mean for you?

The supreme court decision means several things for the citizens of the states who decide to legalize sports betting.  However, there are some pros and cons that come with the decision.

  • Pros

Some of the positives of the ruling according to those involved are that it brings the seediness out from the shadows and into the light of day.  What this means is that bookies who have taken bets illegally for years will be taxed and regulated. The hope for this is to curb any physical incidents that happen, while also boosting state revenues tenfold. 

Another thing those in favor of the bill feel is that it will eliminate much of the desire to “fix” certain sporting events to go in favor of mafia organizations and other criminals looking to make a big score on a game or a team throughout a season.

  • Cons

Some of the negatives of the court’s decision are making sure that the regulation in place doesn’t find its way to corruption  Some also worry that many bookies will still fly under the radar and therefore the estimated financial gains would not quite reach expectations.  There is also some rhetoric of sports gambling legalization leading to more addictions and more people ruining their lives.

In this journalist’s humble opinion gambling, drugs, and prostitution should all be legalized and fully and securely regulated.  Not only will several economies benefit greatly from this but the people involved who are more than likely going to use those vices on both sides whether it’s legal or not will be made safer.

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