Wind Damage Public Adjuster
Halt | September 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Why Seek the Support of a Wind Damage Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

Property owners in West Palm Beach deal with countless wind-related events, which results in severe property damage. Upon filing a claim to their insurer, their settlement is vastly disproportional to the losses incurred. Their repair expenses are more significant than the money they get from their insurance company. Even worse, some wind damage claims get outright denied. The main reason for this is the improper damage assessment and documentation. Without a public adjuster to do it, the documentation contains omissions and insufficient evidence.

Merkury Public Adjusters, a professional West Palm Beach public adjuster, is in the best position to guide you through the claim procedures. They will assess the wind damage in great detail, looking for:

Ø  Roof damage

Ø  Damaged furniture

Ø  Electrical damage

Ø  Toppled trees

Ø  Flying debris that damages your home

Ø  Damaged car or garage door

Ø  Shattered windows

Every bit of damage is essential in obtaining the maximum settlement for incurred losses. As a homeowner in West Palm Beach, know that your insurer isn’t kind enough to easily offer you money. The insurance public adjuster sent to assess your wind damage will try to underpay your claim. The assessment they make is biased and unfair, so we don’t recommend relying on it. Instead, hire a wind damage public adjuster to perform a professional damage assessment. Since you hired him, he will be fair and reasonable. Moreover, he will represent your best interest, not the insurance company’s.

Are public adjusters expensive to hire?

Quite the contrary, hiring a public adjuster is entirely free. They work based on commissions, not upfront fees. This means that you won’t pay a dime from your pocket. They will come to your place, assess the damage, prepare the documentation, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. After they obtain a settlement for you, they will take a percentage from it. Most times, the remaining money is enough to cover all your incurred losses and repair expenses. The knowledge and experience of a public adjuster more than compensate for their commission, though.

A public adjuster understands your position well enough. Wind damage requires ample repairs to fix, and you can’t shoulder another expense. That’s why they only work based on commissions from insurance settlements. Moreover, this means they won’t slack off or do a bad job assessing your wind damage. Obtaining a bigger settlement for you means they get more money. It’s in their best interest to look after yours. Public adjusters are meticulous, detailed, and professional when accepting to file a client’s wind damage claim.

Public adjusters guarantee bigger settlements

Hiring a public adjuster to settle your insurance claim is a no-brainer decision, in our books. Unless you’re a retired public adjuster with ample knowledge of property claims, you should always consult an expert before filing a claim. In 9 out of 10 cases, a public adjuster will obtain the maximum settlement for your incurred losses. The insurance company will initially offer a small settlement that doesn’t cover all your losses. You should never accept it. Instead, have a public adjuster assess your wind damage and reopen the claim procedures with thorough documentation.

Lastly, you should hire a wind damage public adjuster simply because it’s more efficient. With an expert guiding you, the claim procedures will proceed far quicker. The insurance company won’t be able to delay paying the settlement because the public adjuster will insist otherwise. If you’re a commercial business owner with wind property damage, it’s not efficient to assess the damage, prepare the documentation, and negotiate with the insurance company alone. Your priority is restoring operational functionality to your business. Let the public adjuster handle the wind damage claim!

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