Suction Cups
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Suction Cups – Are All Suction Cup Mounts Legal In Your State

Suction cups in the industry play such an important role and many people take them for granted, even though they can be indispensable in some industries. These suction cups are essentially shallow and round and made of a flexible material.

The reason for this is that they can change shape so that they can attach to different shaped objects  The way they work is that you attach the cup to a surface by pushing the actual cup against the surface of the item. By doing this, the air between the surface and the cup is removed.

Flat cups for flat-surface workpieces

Then again, you also get flat suction cups that are useful for handling workpieces with flat surfaces. They’re able to quickly grip the workpiece withstand the forces which result from fast movement of the object during handling.

A suction cup doesn’t actually grip the surface of a product as such, but when it contacts the surface of the item, it activates a vacuum generator, drawing out air from a cup interior, creating a vacuum.

Atmospheric pressure holds the item against the cup. The bigger the difference between ambient pressure and vacuum pressure inside the cup, the bigger or stronger the holding force pressing the cup onto the item.

 Suction cups meet the requirements of individual industries

These suction cups are strong enough to support different loads. Suction Cups is a reliable, reputable cup manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing. They’re able to offer more than 5000 different kinds of suction cups for customers. They don’t have a fixed standard in design and this means you get a wide variety of cup designs and shapes and even materials to suit different applications and for different industries.

Suction cups are used in many industries, and the food and beverage industry makes good use of suction cups. Think of glass bottles and the way the raw material is melted in furnaces and then cut and molded into cylindrical shapes.

The glass bottles are then gripped and placed safely into boxes and other forms of packing. These suction cups also handle certain foods such as bread and pies as they come out of the oven.

The construction-, automotive and transportation industries also rely heavily on these suction cups.  There are many awkward-shaped appliances such as granite countertop sections that require lifting without being damaged. Solar panels too can be reliably lifted without fear of damage. A damaged solar panel loses all its efficiency.

Just one or two industries have been mentioned, when in fact these vacuum- or suction cups are a mainstay in many different industries. Their beauty lies in the fact that they are light, simple and inexpensive and capable of firmly gripping parts, even during high-speed motion applications. Being able to grip fragile pieces is just another one of their many advantages.

Don’t ever stress about quality suction cups when you can get free samples before you make your choice.

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