Steps to Take if You're Pulled Over for DWI in Texas
Halt | September 9, 2018 | 0 Comments

Steps to Take if You’re Pulled Over for DWI in Texas

Let’s face it, being pulled over anywhere at any time sucks.  There is really no other way to put it. It flat out sucks. Even if it’s a simple traffic stop.  Even if you have done nothing wrong. No matter what city or state you are in. Now, let’s say you are pulled over for DWI; and it happens in the state of Texas.  What should you do?

There are some steps you should take even before you hire a Houston DWI attorney.

Be Nice – Don’t be an Jerk

This may seem like a funny statement, but it’s not.  Being a jerk or even belligerent to the police officer who pulled you over will not get you anywhere.  In fact, it will only speed up the process of landing you in jail. It may also add to an already shitty situation you have gotten yourself into.  Remember, cops can pretty much do whatever they want, and in some states, they have more power than others. Texas is one of those states, so be very careful, and tread lightly.  

There is one instance I know of where a driver was arrested for DWI, but since he was a complete gentleman to the arresting officers, they pulled his car off to the side of the street and parked it in a safe spot.  They did this in lieu of calling a tow truck.  This not only saved him the headache of going to the tow yard after a night of sleeping in a jail cell, it also saved him a ton of money.

Know Your Rights

In any walk of life or situation it is always important know know what your rights are.  This will get you out of a lot of trouble and save you from misery on many occasions. It’s never more important to know your rights than when you are pulled over by the police, and even more so when you are pulled over for DWI.  So let’s break down the Texas law in this case.

When it comes to field sobriety tests, just say no.  You are not required by Texas law to comply with a field sobriety test.  They are set up for you to fail. Trust me.  Also, when they try and make you take the breathalyzer test, again say no.  You are still not required to admit to adhere to this test either.

What to do Next?

The officer or officers have since arrested you and are berating you into a chemical test.  Which consists of urine, blood, or breath. This is the time for you to demand to speak to your attorney.  Tell them you will not submit to any tests without your attorney present. In accordance with Texas law, you are allowed a private chemical test with your attorney present within two hours of your arrest.  This will help your case in the long run and let the authorities know they can’t pull any B.S with you, which they will if you let them.

So take heed of these 3 important steps and in the meantime, don’t drive drunk.

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