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How To Get A Job As An International Lawyer

Undoubtedly, pursuing a career in International Law sounds nice. It all starts with your passion. Meanwhile, some people are already seeing themselves traveling around the globe, from international conferences to client meetings. Still, it takes a lot to actualize that.

International lawyers provide organizations, people, and governmental bodies with legal rights advice and best-case scenario recommendations. These professionals can work in any organization, whether private or governmental institutions. To fully understand this profession, you may specialize in taxation, security law, or intellectual property. An international lawyer can also work in as many countries as possible as they deem fit. They can also use technology to contact clients who are abroad.

However, for this discussion, we have teamed up with professional lawyers on the Jooble platform to shed light on the procedures to become an international lawyer. Let’s explore more.

Steps To Start A Career As An International Lawyer

It is worth noting that international lawyers undergo thorough training to negotiate effectively and understand the laws worldwide. Also, having an overview of the requirements of this career could help you determine if you are trending on the right career path or not.

Below are the steps to starting a career as an international lawyer.

  • Get A Degree

Get A Degree

You can major in any course to attend law school. It’s just that you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. You might also gain from earning your bachelor’s in national studies. Understanding another culture and language can help you build a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of world politics.

  • Complete A Practical Legal Training

You can earn a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in less than a year, and most providers provide online coaching to assist students in completing the training. Here, a qualified attorney with more than three years of expertise will supervise you and give valuable insights into what you will likely come across as a legal practitioner.

It will help if you have this certificate to be inaugurated into legal practice and get a job placement.

  • Attend Law School

Law school

It is mandatory to go to law school before you start working in a particular country. With an emphasis on international law, ensure to take classes in comparative law, legal systems from across the world, global sales and commerce, foreign politics, and multinational company law.

However, choosing a specialty, such as international corporate law, international conflict arbitration, or international human rights, would be best. Don’t forget to gain exposure through internships and other endeavors while attending law school.

  • Pass The Bar Exam

Solicitors and barristers run most legal systems around the world. Barristers are professionals who represent clients in court, settle conflicts, and are experienced in other legal specialties. Then ensure you are certified by the Legal Bar Authority before you start working.

To be an international lawyer, you must pass your Bar exam and be admitted to the bar association.

  • Consider An LL.M

An LL.M. is a specialized international master’s degree that entitles you to take the bar exam in the nation where you are enrolled. These programs’ curricula offer in-depth training on the particular area of international law they have selected. So, exercise caution when choosing your program.

  • Improve Your Language Skills

Improve Your Language Skills

English is the most common language used in international commerce. However, lawyers from English-speaking nations may wish to disregard this, and it is hard for anybody else to do so. As an international law enthusiast, you must possess excellent English Language.

However, if English is your native tongue, acquiring a second or third language can significantly increase your professional options by allowing you to work on legal issues in various settings and provide advice to customers from outside your country.


The demand for lawyers with foreign experience is constantly increasing in this age of globalization. A career in international law will make you stand out from the crowd in a field where there are so many lawyers. Accomplishing this begins with your passion; get engaged and contribute to the worldwide dialogue. Your linguistic abilities are also very crucial. Even if English is your first language, studying a second one can help you advance in your job.

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