Steps to follow for finding a DUI lawyer who would be right for you
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Steps to follow for finding a DUI lawyer who would be right for you

Drunk driving is a menace in the US, and almost 11,000 Americans are killed in car crashes in which the driver was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  Although some states like Michigan has recorded a decline in drunken driving arrests over the past decade the number of car accidents and fatalities involving drunk driving is still high. The nation has to bear the cost of drunk driving that amounts to $199 billion a year, and it translates to $500 to $800 a year for a US adult.   When you take to the wheels in an intoxicated condition, you are not only putting yourself at risk but also risking the lives of others. If you are arrested for drunk driving, be ready to face a lengthy legal process as you are booked under DUI or Driving under the Influence.

In such situation, hiring a well-known Denver DUI attorney is the only action that you should take because the lawyer becomes your savior. Life will never be the same again unless you can erase the scar marks of allegations of drunk driving slapped on you. Only the DUI lawyer can help to reduce the seriousness of charges and pave the way for bailing you out from crisis almost unscathed.  You must know when and how to hire the DUI attorney because it can make a big difference in your life. It is the skill and expertise of the attorney that can save you from the broad side of law and help to lead a normal life without any worries of legal action.

It’s the job of a DUI attorney

When charged with DUI you have to act fast and must know the options available.  Although DUI laws vary from state to state, the yardstick used for determining whether a person is intoxicated or not is the same. A person is ‘per se intoxicated’ if the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is more than 0.08.  When caught for drunk driving the state might charge you with violating more than just one law. Legal representation is essential for DUI cases, and you must take it very seriously as it could change the course of your life. Only a DUI attorney can understand the charges framed against you and advise the best solutions that could absolve you of the charges.

Fighting a DUI arrest entail a legal battle that you have to tackle with the help of the attorney. How to proceed in selecting a lawyer expert in DUI laws and what to consider when you are taking a decision would become clear on reading this article.

Prepare a short list of potential DUI attorneys

When you are looking for the best DUI attorney, make use of the various resources that are available. By referring to directories and contacts at the State Bar Associations and National Associations as well as taking into consideration some personal recommendations you can create a list of attorneys whom you should meet. Since it is a very major decision in your life, you should carry out due diligence just in the way you would do it for taking any other very serious decision.

Turn to the people you trust and request them for recommending the names of some DUI lawyers. If you come across some names that someone has firsthand experience of working with, it is perhaps the best one that you could get. You could gather information about the overall process, how the lawyer performed and how satisfying was the outcome. You can also know how much the process had cost although every DUI case is unique and not comparable on every parameter.  If you know some other attorney whose service you might have availed earlier in some other case, you can ask for some reference. It could be an excellent resource if you locate a specialist in the criminal defense case.

Evaluate the attorneys in your list

Talk to each attorney in person to evaluate their qualifications, experience and track record.  Look for a licensed attorney to represent your case and give preference to local persons as it is beneficial to hire a local attorney. The local attorney would be more familiar with the legal infrastructure and settings of the place because he or she might be visiting the courts regularly. The judges and prosecutors would also be familiar to the lawyer. Check the DUI experience of the attorney because it indicates the proficiency in handling such cases. Have a look at the ethical record of the attorney to ensure that there has never been any disciplinary action against him or her.  For reviews about his work, you can check the social media profile of the attorney.

Have an interactive session with the attorney

To decide which attorney would suit you best, have an interactive session with each to understand how comfortable you would feel in working with them. Share all the facts of the case with the attorney in minute detail so that you get the best advice. Carry along with you all documents related to the DUI charges brought on you so that the attorney understands the violations done. Do not assume that the attorney would know about something that you do not inform him or her. During the exchange, talk about the experience of the attorney and what kind of performance record he has with respect to dismissing cases, bringing cases to trial and the total number of DUI cases handled. Most importantly, try to figure out whether the attorney would himself represent your case or might hand it over to some of his / her trusted aides.

The experience, ability, and performance of attorneys determine the fees, but you must be careful in deciding the fees in advance so that there are no surprises later. Attorney fees are negotiable, and it depends on your negotiation skills to settle the deal for a lower amount.

Doing extensive research to know more about attorneys should help you to locate the DUI attorney who can make life easy for you.

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