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Sports betting legalization in the US: Where is it legal to betting sports in America?

There was a game-changing development in America’s sports industry in May 2018 when America’s highest court had given the go-ahead to bet on sports across the country. Many experts at the time had predicted that this move could see 32 states offering sports betting within five years. And they were right probably, as Illinois and Michigan legalized betting on sports in March 2020 a week before March Madness that made a total of 16 states in the US to legalize sports betting. Many lawmakers in various states are considering sports betting legislation.

The online gambling platform is rising rapidly worldwide as there are numbers of casino sites like casino NetBet where users can bet on sports but the complete legalization would open new gates of development in the country’s sports industry. Here, we have listed all the states in the US where sports betting is legalized and other states moving towards legalization.

States with complete sports betting legalization in the US


Nevada was the only state in the country which had legal sportsbook even before the Supreme Court’s announcement. It has been more than 70 years since this state had legalized betting on sports making it the first state to regulate sports betting. The state has the largest sportsbooks in the world i.e. SuperBook and The Circa Las Vegas.


After the decision of the Supreme Court to lift the ban on sports betting back in May 2018, Delaware became the first state to legalize betting on sports. Within a few weeks, after the band was lifted, the local casinos introduced sportsbooks within their premises and some prominent casinos began accepting bets in the first week of June 2019. But Delaware had passed a law in 2009 which allowed the lottery to provide expanded forms of parley and that’s why it was able to offer sportsbooks so rapidly after the ban was lifted.

New Jersey

The state has one of the largest markets in the US and it allowed betting on sports in the same year of the Supreme Court’s decision after the bill was signed by Governor Phil Murphy and he was also the first customer in the line to place the bet. Betting on sports is allowed in land-based casinos, online betting sites and tracks as well. The age for betting is 21 one and people over 18 are allowed to bet on horse races.


Mississippi launched sportsbooks in August 2018 and now over 23 platforms offer sports betting after the legalization in the state. As per the state law, online betting is allowed online in the premises of licensed casinos so outside mobile betting is prohibited.

West Virginia

The state legalized betting on sports in August 2018 and permitted online betting three months later in December. West Virginia Lottery Commission regulates the betting both online and offline.

New Mexico

This state of the country hasn’t passed any bill to authorize betting on sports across the state but Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel and the Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder have launched sportsbooks. So there are only two places in the state for sports betting. Here, sports betting is believed as the Class III game (25 CFR § 502.4).


The state was one of the first stated to legalize sports betting but it launched at the end of 2018. The online betting on sports was permitted in May 2019 because the Gaming Control Board of the state wanted to establish successful offline sportsbooks before going for online betting.

Rhode Island

It legalized the betting on sports in 2018 but online betting was excluded from it. As of March 2019, online betting has been permitted by the lawmakers but the final launch date has not been decided yet. Rhode Island has two casinos that have sportsbooks.


More than 50% of the state voters voted in the favor of allowing sports betting and it launched in July 2018. Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort became the first sportsbook in the state to accept bets. Online betting and mobile sports betting is still illegal as per the constitutional amendment.

New York

New York had already made an amendment to the constitution to add seven private casinos in 2013 and the state had already passed a law to launch betting on sports once the federal government would allow sports betting. A year after the ban was lifted, the Gaming Commission of the state put out the guidelines including regulation, licensing, and operating. Online betting is still not permitted here.


Iowa legalized sports betting year after the Supreme Court’s decision and the age of a person to gamble was decided 21 and above. Online betting is permitted but under the state law, a citizen has to register to licensed casinos personally to confirm the age and identity.


Oregon has legalized offline sports and online betting. The state didn’t need new legislation to resume the sports betting. Oregon Lottery regulates both online and offline sports betting platforms.


Indian legalized betting on sports in May 2019 and The Indiana Gaming Commission regulates and issues the license to the sportsbooks. Betting on pro and college sports is allowed but high school sports and eSports are excluded. Offline and online, both sports betting platforms are permitted in the state.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire allows betting on sports any person who is 18 or above and it legalized sports betting in June 2019. Just like retail sportsbooks, online betting is also legal but betting on in-state college sports is still banned. The lottery of the state regulates the operation of sports betting.


Illinois legalized sports betting in June 2019 but it finally launched on 9th March 2020. Online betting on sports is not permitted yet but will be allowed in a few months. It had planned to launch the sports betting prior to March Madness but the COVID-19 would have an adverse effect on the wagering and sport. Betting on events including players below 18 is not permitted.


Michigan passed the bill to legalize sports betting in December 2019 and launched it on March 11, 2020, a week ahead of March Madness. MGM Grand Detroit was the first sportsbook to accept bets. Online betting is legal but it may launch until the next year.

So these are the 16 states in the country where sports betting is completely is legal and persons with eligible age decided by state laws can place bets.

On the line

These states may have passed laws or bills to legalize wagering on sports but the launch dates have not been announced yet.

  • Montana
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Tennessee
  •   North Carolina
  • Colorado

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