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Can Depression Get Categorized as a Disability? Acquiring Social Security Disability for Anxiety and Depression

Today, you have the chance to get SSDI for acute anxiety and depression, provided you prove you have entirely disabled symptoms. Today, several Americans suffer from anxiety and depression. According to clinical terms, depression is an end-to-end mood disorder that gets accompanied by a complete loss of interest in any professional and personal activities.

And anxiety, which is a side-effect of depression, can best be defined as an inner state where a person feels unpleasant emotions accompanied by nervous behavior. And both depression and anxiety can wreak havoc in a person’s life.

Can you consider depression to be a disability?

Can you consider depression to be a disability

The truth is that people who have anxiety or depression can get SSDI advantages. To know more about it, you can read on social security disability for mental health. The Social Security Administration presents a process to evaluate the right for collecting Social Security Disability advantages depending on the mental heal issues claims. It is essential to display some of the significant symptoms.

There are times when anxiety and depression get triggered by some crucial life changes such as a job change, death, or a divorce. Such events can prove to be traumatic. The feelings of anxiety and depression can linger in a person for a prolonged time. At times, when you get depressed, you might need clinical help as well.

The traumatic events can lead to nervous behavior and anxious feelings. The anxiety can get treated using psychiatric medication and therapy. When you don’t treat it, it might result in severe mental issues. In several cases, anxiety and depression can arise from a tendency prevalent in the genes.

The Social Security Disability advantages can cover the living costs of such individuals who used to work once. However, currently, they might not be able to work owing to their mental health conditions. Such conditions might act as a restriction. Today, there is Social Security Administration process that you can use to decide whether a person should or should not get the SSDI payments for the anxiety and depression traits.

Applying for the social security disability benefits

Applying for the social security disability benefits

For this, you need to fill up the Social Security Disability Application. If you want, you can choose to do it online, via phone, or even visit the Social Security Office close by. Here, you will require the Social Security number and age proof and the contact details and names for any medical professionals involved in the diagnosis or treatment. It is essential to have dosages and names of the medications, the lab results, medical records, and a summary of places where you have worked. It would help to mention all that was involved in the job and the recent Federal Tax Return.

However, the entire review process might take some time to complete. In most cases, the process might take about 30 and 90 days to complete. You also have the Social Security Disability Back Pay that might date to your application time. You might have to provide other data as you wait for approval.

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