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4 Situations That Require an Employment Attorney

Work is an essential element of becoming an adult, but various issues might arise in the job and impact our day-to-day life that nobody should have to deal with. And occasionally, these problems can’t be solved alone.

If you’ve been struggling to resolve an issue with your employer, an attorney can be invaluable. They can either get the best outcome for you or find a resolution before things escalate.

Here are four common situations that are best resolved with an employment attorney at your side. If any of these describe your current situation, it may be time to hire a professional.

1. You Feel That You Have Been Treated Unfairly

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A company’s owners are expected to treat their staff with respect. If you’re not getting the respect you deserve or your promised benefits, you may be the victim of unfair treatment. While it might be challenging to show that an employee has been subjected to unfair treatment at work, a lawyer can assist you in putting together the evidence you need.

Examples of unfair treatment may include contract or wage and hour disputes. If you believe your employer isn’t being fair with you, they may not just change their ways when you point out that there’s a problem.

An employment attorney will show that you’re serious about finding a solution and perhaps get you to a positive outcome before things need to go any further in a dispute.

2. Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

An employer may decide to terminate an employee at any time. However, you have the right to sue if you believe your dismissal was unjust. Unfair grounds for dismissal may include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Handicap
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation

When you hire an attorney, you can rest assured that an experienced legal professional is guarding your rights.

3. Dangerous Workplace

Dangerous Workplace

Employers have a responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. If you’re working in a risky environment, your employer should supply you with the necessary safety gear. Your health might be seriously harmed if you work in a toxic workplace. Working in a hazardous workplace might have long-term consequences that may not become apparent for several years.

Suppose you’re injured on the job due to a dangerous workplace or OSHA violation. In that case, your employment attorney may be able to help you gather the necessary evidence of wrongdoing to support your workers’ compensation claim.

However, a dangerous workplace isn’t limited to having safety equipment on hand. If you’ve faced sexual harassment, having an attorney working in your best interests beyond human resources can make a significant difference.

If you think your safety at the workplace is in jeopardy, request an investigation from an attorney.

4. Litigation Protection

Litigation Protection

There are times when you may find yourself at odds with either your employer or other workers. You risk losing a lot of money and time that could have been put to better use. When your employer or a fellow employee files a lawsuit against you, you need a solid legal defense.

There are many employment laws in place in the United States of America. One misstep could mean severe consequences. With the advice of an employment lawyer, you can make critical decisions while conforming to the regulations.

Getting Help When You Need It

Contact a lawyer if you’re having problems at work and think you may require legal assistance. Anyone who works in the workplace, whether on a full- or part-time basis (or in any capacity at all), is entitled to certain protections under the law.

If you’re unsure if your situation requires a professional, it’s better to call and hear no than to miss out on the legal protection you’re due. So give your local employment attorney a call.


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