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Involved In a Crash? 5 Key Signs That You Need A Lawyer After an Accident

The average number of accidents in the U.S. annually is six million. Although it can be hard to prevent accidents, it doesn’t mean we cannot do anything when they happen. If two parties were involved, someone must have done something wrong, leading to an accident.

Today, car accidents are regarded as the most common type of accidents. Although there are laws governing road usage, statistics reveal that 45 percent of car owners in the U.S. don’t know they need a lawyer after an accident.

Of course, if you have been involved in a car accident, you might need to contact your lawyer to get compensation. Even so, how do you know when it is necessary to contact them?

There are several key signs you should check to be certain you need a lawyer. Below is an insight into the five signs that you need a lawyer.

1. Three or More Parties Were Involved in the Accident

If the accident involved more than three parties, there is no doubt that you will need a car accident lawyer. This is mainly because it will complicate your insurance claim.

In such instances, the negotiation process might lead to multiple lawsuits. Besides, if it involved property owners, commercial entities, or pedestrians, it might complicate the process even further.

An example of such instances is when a truck driver enters a wrong intersection illegally, and a driver of a passenger vehicle swerves to avoid the crash. As a result, he or she hits a motorcycle on the other lane. The accident would have involved three cars, which will lead to a complicated lawsuit.

Although it might be a daunting lawsuit, the first thing you should do if you were hurt in the accident is to contact a car accident lawyer. He or she will not only ensure you get the compensation you deserve but also fight to minimize your liability to the other parties.

Note that fighting such a lawsuit alone might not be the best option. Cases that require multiple lawsuits might be complicated, especially if you don’t have enough evidence to prove you were not at fault. For this reason, ensure you get an experienced lawyer from a prominent company.

2. When the Damage on Your Car Is Serious

How bad are the damages to your car? Is it totaled? If the damages are extensive, you will need a car accident lawyer. Typically, your vehicle might be written off if the damages exceed 50 percent of your insurance.

In case you might need a new car, you will have to seek the services of a car accident attorney to win compensation from your insurance company.

Note that even when the damages are minor, it is imperative to have your lawyer go through the process to ensure you get decent compensation. Although the majority of car owners ignore minor accidents, it is advisable you exercise your legal rights and claim the necessary compensation.

Also, if your car was the cause of the accident, your insurance company will ask you not to admit liability and ask you to get a lawyer immediately. Ensure you get an experienced lawyer and let them know you suspect you might have caused the accident. Your lawyer will prepare you on your defense and ensure he or she works with other parties to get an out of court settlement.

Although experienced lawyers might charge a hefty fee, it will be worth it. The lawyer is not only capable of helping you get a new car as compensation but can also talk with your insurance company and agree on a decent amount as compensation. However, it is imperative to check for signs that you need a lawyer first before contacting them.

Sometimes, you might want to settle your disputes off-court, and you will not need a lawyer. As a result, you will get to save a considerable amount of money that would, otherwise, be used to hire the best lawyers. The most important thing is to check for signs that you need a lawyer before deciding to hire.

3. The Accident Caused Serious Body Injuries or Death

A car accident lawyer should be contacted immediately if there were serious injuries or someone died in the accident. Besides, you can also hire a personal injury lawyer if you were injured in the accident. Accidents where someone died or involved severe bodily injury can be quite complicated and might, sometimes, lead to multiple lawsuits.

If you were injured in the accident, you are required to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party involved to get compensation for your medical treatment. If you don’t have a car injury lawyer, you might risk facing charges on wrongful death counterclaim or personal injury. Note that in the event your car is registered under your divorced husband or wife, you might need a divorce lawyer.

Further, you might also be charged a high amount of money for potential damages. For this reason, it is always recommended to have a car accident lawyer represent you in court.

Even if you are certain the other party was in the wrong, such civic legal cases might be tricky when you represent yourself. The complexity of the issues in the lawsuit will require expert advice.

The accident lawyer will not only help you calculate the amount you deserve as compensation but also represent you in the court. Apart from that, the lawyer will ensure they guide you through the legal process as well as shield you from any possible counterclaims.

Lawyers from the other parties might try to reduce your compensation or place you at fault. Therefore, the services of your lawyer will be needed.

Also, the majority of experienced lawyers offer free legal consultation, which means you don’t have to worry about incurring extra charges as consultation fees. The lawyer will guide you on how to go about the legal process and provide legal advice where necessary. Although an experienced lawyer might charge a hefty fee, they will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

4. You Need to Collect Evidence

If you were hurt in the accident and need to collect evidence, you might need the help of a car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will also help you analyze the evidence to establish who was at fault and the estimated amount you deserve as compensation.

Today, the majority of car manufacturers equip their vehicles with a recorder known as a “black box” that is specially designed to record critical information in case of an accident. If the cars involved in the accident are equipped with the recording technology, you can retrieve the information and use it in claiming compensation.

The information is also capable of establishing how fast the car was traveling and whether the driver had worn a seatbelt. However, you should also note that accessing the driver’s data might not be easy. You might need the help of your lawyer to get a court order to retrieve the data.

Note that in the event your car was the cause of the accident, it might complicate the process of collecting evidence more — thus, you will need the services of an experienced lawyer. All you need to do is search for a prominent law firm and hire the best lawyer.

5. The Amount Offered as Compensation Is Lower Than Expected

Sometimes, compensation can be done at the point of the accident- if both parties agree who is at fault. However, in case there is a disagreement, then you will have to find a lawyer. He or she will help you settle the dispute and help you earn a decent amount as compensation.

Also, if the compensation offered caters for hospitalization only, you can consult with your lawyer to get paid for other damages and the lost hours. That’s not all! If there were lost items, your lawyer should ensure you are fully compensated.

Note that the best way to ensure you get the required compensation is to hire a lawyer to go through the damages and estimate the required amount. If the party involved does not comply with your requests, you can proceed to court and seek more compensation.

You should also ensure you have all the required evidence when seeking bigger compensation. In case your car was written off, you might need the services of an experienced lawyer from a prominent law firm to get a new car as compensation.

Is Checking For Signs That You Need A Lawyer Necessary?

Of course, it is necessary! It is almost a sure way to get compensation. Whenever you are involved in a car accident, your first option should always be to check for signs that you need a lawyer.

Although some damages might seem minor, they can advance with time. For this reason, engaging a lawyer from the start is fundamental.

If you are involved in a car accident or any issue that calls for professional follow up by a lawyer, feel free to contact us. Our top lawyers will work to ensure you get the required compensation. After all, why should you fight the battle alone while we can easily help?


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