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5 Signs That You Need a Family Lawyer

Are you in a sticky situation? Do you need a family lawyer?

Families are becoming more complicated, and lawyers are needed to navigate them. If you need legal help and are unsure if it’s family law, then keep reading.

We have put together five reasons why you must consult with a law team. If you feel that a family lawyer would be helpful in your situation, this can help you find the right one.

1. Going Through Divorce

Divorce Attorney

One common sign why you need legal representation is if you’re considering a divorce. If you are in a complicated or high-value marriage, it is wise to seek the help of a divorce lawyer on a divorce agreement to protect your rights, assets, and finances.

If there is a huge difference between your and your spouse’s income, it is essential to ensure that you are not taken advantage of financially.

2. Having Custody Issues

If child custody and visitation rights need to be settled, a lawyer can help you. Learn more here on how a family lawyer can help with spousal support and alimony,

A family lawyer may be necessary if there is violence or threats of violence, children’s needs and rights are not being respected, and a settlement cannot be agreed upon regarding finances or custody obligations during a divorce.

3. Entering a Domestic Partnership

Commitment Levels

You will need a lawyer if you need to draw up a formal agreement, like the necessity to protect property assets and plan for your family’s best interests in the event of a split. If either partner has young children from a previous relationship, it may be beneficial to seek a lawyer’s advice to secure any custody rights and visitation best.

Outside of a breakup, a lawyer can also help with immigration and legal issues if a partner is a non-citizen.

4. Prenuptial Agreement

If either you or your partner has considerable assets or significant debt, a prenuptial agreement may be necessary. If either of you has a family business or owns a rental home, you can address these in a prenuptial agreement regarding ownership and liabilities. If either of you has children from a prior relationship and wants to protect those assets for their children, a prenuptial agreement can help.

It’s also important to consider potential changes in income throughout the marriage, as you can address this in a prenuptial agreement. If you have considered any of these items, it’s essential to find an attorney who specializes in family law and can help you work out a prenuptial agreement that is fair and clear.

5. Dispute Over Inheritances

Spousal Disputes

If estate documents need to be clarified or completed, contact a lawyer to help understand the situation’s full scope. Another indication may be if communication from the estate’s executor becomes hostile or uncooperative. Also, if siblings or beneficiaries are slow to respond to requests or avoid discussions concerning the estate, enlisting legal aid is necessary to ensure a fair outcome.

Consider a Family Lawyer Today

A family lawyer can help guide you and your family in legal disputes ranging from divorce to child custody. Contact a family lawyer today if you are unsure about your rights or need legal advice on a family-related matter. They can help answer questions and guide the best way to proceed.

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