Signs of concussion in a child
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Signs Of Concussion In A Child Due To A Road Accident

When you are riding a car with your child, you want to make sure you have taken care of all safety measures. In the case of a car accident, your child may be at risk of a concussion, and if the child is young, they may not be able to communicate with you fully. Therefore, it is essential to have some information about child concussions and how to properly treat them.

How to detect a concussion in your child

concussion in your child

A concussion is an injury to the brain. This injury may happen when the body is impacted with force, with or without a direct impact to the head. In cases where the resulting concussions are not due to head injury like cases of whiplash, diagnosis is difficult without medical professionals. That’s why it is important to seek proper medical assistance immediately whenever a body has encountered force and a potential head injury. Medical professionals can run required tests and scans to detect the damage.

Know about signs of concussion and symptoms

You should pay attention to any changes in your child’s behavior like loss of consciousness, unusual crying, the habit of eating and sleeping can be changed, loss of balance, and a decrease in interest in activities. These signs and symptoms may vary, depending on the age and the severity of the collision. Furthermore, they may even appear after days or weeks of the collision. For this reason, it is very important to go for medical assistance immediately, even in the slightest suspicion of head injury.

Most children recover in due time by taking proper rest and avoiding further concussions. To aid this recovery process, don’t let them go to outdoor playing activities. Keeping them indoors and calm will help heal brain injury and prevent further damage. Delays in healing or another concussion may cause brain swelling and permanent damage.

Safety measures to avoid further injuries in car accidents

Safety measures

Before riding a car with your child, make sure that your child’s car seat is the right one for their age and weight. If the child is older, make sure seat belts are according to their size and secure them properly. If you are using adult seat belts, try using booster seats. This will put the child seat higher, which will allow the adult seat belt to work more effectively. Children under two should be in a car seat facing the rear. Children over two but under eight can face forward. Over eight should be in booster seats facing front until big enough to be secured by adult seat belts.

Getting compensation

In case of injuries due to car accidents, it may be essential to sue the negligent driver. Damages can help you with the financial burdens of your child’s medical costs. You can ask for compensation for pain and suffering and the medical and rehabilitation costs of your child. Also, you can claim for your mental distress and loss of income.

“It is important that personal injury claims against a negligent driver are made promptly. There are hard deadlines to file a claim for compensation under the law in each state,” says personal injury lawyer Chong Ye from The Ye Law Firm. “These deadlines to file for personal injury claims make the time of the essence.”

Compensation with a DB pension

Hence, the sooner you speak to your lawyer, the sooner they can begin collecting evidence and filing your claim. If you delay the process, your case can be barred, which means you will not be able to claim any compensation from the negligent driver. This can limit the aid you and your child may receive for proper recovery.

In such cases, a parent may have to take a lot of time off from their work for child care during treatment and recovery. This time off from work will increase the financial burden on the parent. So parents, along with the legal team, can ask for compensation for loss of income from the negligent driver.

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