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6 Signs Of An Incompetent Lawyer

You might be puzzled about your attorney’s activities as you search for the signs of an incompetent lawyer. But you’re not a lonely sufferer; according to the American Bar Association, there is a 4-17% chance an attorney can be charged for malpractice.

So, many people complain about the lawyers’ incompetence and misconduct. However, today we are here to help you remark an incompetent lawyer. After reading this article, you will learn the signs of an incompetent lawyer and some FAQs about ineffective lawyers.

So, keep reading to learn all the signs of a bad attorney and get the answers to some crucial questions.

Signs Of An Incompetent Lawyer

You may look out for six signs of an incompetent lawyer to avoid difficulties in handling your case. The signs are as follows:

Not Enthusiastic About Your Case

lawyer and client

Your case needs logical presentation and conviction to win over a jury. If your lawyer sounds unenthusiastic and feeble when dealing, imagine how a jury would react when they present your case. How will such lawyers impress the jury when they can’t impress you about what they’re selling?

So, consider asking something better when the lawyer appears unenthusiastic or cold about your case because that’s one of the signs of an incompetent lawyer.

Insufficient Communication

If you frequently struggle to reach your lawyer, you might have hired an incompetent lawyer. Reasonable attorneys should keep you updated about the process, progress, and each step of your case regularly. It is part of the professional ethics of a lawyer.

Indeed, lawyers are busy professionals and deal with several cases simultaneously. But, at least your attorney’s office should have staff who can answer your questions or schedule appointments so that you can talk to them.

Unclear And Abnormal Billing

Charging imprecisely and unethically is one of the critical signs of an incompetent lawyer. If you see the lawyer billing you like the following, you can accuse them of unprofessionalism and incompetence.

  • The bill includes additional charges that were not discussed.
  • The bill is not categorized, and you don’t know what you’re paying for.
  • The time spent shown in the bill is exaggerated and padded.
  • The bill incorporates more than what was agreed upon.

Not Confident Enough

It’s a stressful time when you go for a lawyer. So, you would want someone to help you with proper advice and opinion. However, unconfidence and always giving doubtful opinions are signs of a bad attorney.

When a lawyer is always arrogant or mumbling, they lose their weight before the jury. This kind of situation can offer you nothing but damage. You want a lawyer to solve your problems, not to make problems.

Lacks Professionalism

lawyer and client

Your lawyer’s hostile attitude and action can harm your case. If your lawyer handles your case unprofessionally, it may fail. The signs of an incompetent lawyer include the following unethical or unprofessional behaviors:

  • Don’t keep the client’s communications and information confidential
  • Fails to represent the client efficiently
  • Misses hearing dates and filing deadlines
  • Fills paperwork incorrectly or fills wrong paperwork
  • Makes essential decisions without the client’s opinion
  • Breaks the law or attempts to break the law

Has Bad Reviews

There are several sites and resources where you can find reviews and ratings about lawyers and law firms. If a lawyer has negative reviews on the dedicated websites for reviewing(e.g.,, martindale. com,, etc.), you better avoid that lawyer.

Another fact is how the lawyer is treated among his peers. It is one of the signs of a bad attorney if they don’t get enough respect from his fellow lawyers inside and outside the court. Disrespected lawyers can hardly influence the courtroom as they represent the client.

FAQs Related To Lawyer Issues

Let’s answer some of the questions asked often about inefficient lawyers and lawyer misconduct.

What To Do If Your Lawyer Is Not Helping You?

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Confused about what to do if your lawyer is not helping you? Don’t worry. Just follow the steps below.

  • Talk to your lawyer: Ask your lawyer about your concerns and give them a chance for an explanation. If you’re not satisfied, move to the next step.
  • File a grievance: If your lawyer violates proper ethics, you can file a grievance with the ethics committee of the state’s bar association.
  • File a legal malpractice case: Legal malpractice is when a lawyer mishandles the case, and the client gets financial damage. You have to prove how your lawyer mishandled your case, which damaged you in this case.
  • Fire your lawyer: You can fire your lawyer if they aren’t helping or representing you properly and appoint a new one.

Hopefully, you got the answer to your question; “what to do if your lawyer is not helping you”.

How To Sue A Lawyer For Misconduct?

To sue a lawyer for misconduct or legal malpractice, you must prove the following case elements.

  • Firstly, your attorney owed you a duty of representation in your case. And, there was a contract or agreement between you and the lawyer.
  • Secondly, you must show that your attorney neglected his duty of care.
  • Thirdly, your attorney’s action or inaction caused you damage.
  • Finally, you suffered financial losses due to your attorney’s activity or inactivity.

To prove this, you must gather the papers of your case and the contract file with the lawyer. You can also take help from a legal malpractice lawyer. So, now you know how to sue a lawyer for misconduct.

Lawyer Lied About Settlement Amount: What To Do Now?

Unfortunately, that’s the major among several signs of a bad lawyer. There could be reasons why a lawyer lied about the settlement amount. Whatever the reason is, if a lawyer lied about the settlement amount, you can take legal action. To do this, follow the instructions in the section ‘how to sue a lawyer for misconduct? ‘.

Is It Normal To Not Hear From Your Lawyer??

No, it’s not normal, generally. But you can expect to hear from your lawyer when there is an update to your case or per request. But it’s normal not to hear from your lawyer in the following situations.

  • Still investigating your case
  • Court delays
  • Your attorney is way too busy or,
  • The insurance company is delaying on negotiation

How To Know If Your Lawyer Is Selling You Out?

Most possibly, your lawyer is selling you out if they do the followings:

  • Repeatedly missing deadlines
  • Stops communicating with you
  • They seem to be working against you
  • Don’t listen to your needs
  • Not honest about billing

When Is It Too Late To Fire Your Attorney?

You can fire your attorney at any stage of the case. But, when your case is already filed to the lawsuit or the trial is going on in the court, it may seem uncommon to see a lawyer change. However, you must send your lawyer a termination letter and notify the court when firing.

What To Do When Your Lawyer Stops Communicating With You?

person calling on a phone

The best you can do is to send the lawyer a certified mail. Which means you will get a notification when the message is received. So that the lawyer can’t complain about not receiving your mail. This certified mail is considered a legal course of action also.

Final Thoughts

You always have the best right to defend yourself through lawyers who can represent you. But, lawyers become the cause of frustration themselves sometimes. Hopefully, this article will help you to hire efficient attorneys as now you know the signs of an incompetent lawyer.

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