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4 Signs of a Trustworthy Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have a personal injury claim to contend with, you need someone in your corner you can trust implicitly. You’ll likely be facing up against insurance companies’ legal teams as you fight to get the compensation you deserve, and it’s a formidable task.

So how do you find a personal injury lawyer who believes in your case rather than someone out to make a quick buck? Here are a few top tips.

1. Evidence of Expertise

Evidence of Expertise

How do you find an attorney who cares about every personal injury case they take on? First, check their qualifications. The school they went to is a reasonable indicator, but far more critical is how they graduated.

Getting into a prestigious law school is something an intelligent but disinterested college student can achieve. Consistently achieving high marks and graduating top of the class requires commitment wherever they studied. Further qualifications and specializations are another good sign that your attorney is engaged with their subject.

Check for evidence that they’re interested in legal matters when they’re not earning money. Case studies are a great indicator of this. Having articles published in legal journals is another sign that you’re working with someone passionate about their line of work.

Commitment, dedication, and rigor win cases consistently. Occasional flashes of brilliance aren’t reliable. Find yourself an attorney who cares.

2. Recommendations

Recommendations and reviews from past clients are a leading indicator of whether you’re working with a trustworthy attorney. Look beyond the ratio of cases won — check whether the clients were satisfied with the outcome.

An attorney could win every case but charge extortionate client fees or a high percentage of their payout. You could also find a talented attorney who wasn’t easy to work with. Pursuing a personal injury case is stressful, and your lawyer should make the process as painless as possible for you.

Most good attorneys will have reviews on their company site. Look past this — search the law firm’s name and see what comes up. Pay attention to reports of high fees or distant treatment. You might also check whether the attorney ethically responded to negative reviews.

3. Professional Accreditation

Personal Injury Law Firm

Most top lawyers are members of professional bodies, such as the prestigious and exclusive Litigation Counsel of America, or ethical bodies like the Association of Legal Administration.

Membership of multiple professional associations means that your attorney has been considered by top legal experts time and time again. However, don’t believe a list of awards is sacred. Some are known to be scams. A little research can go a long way to seeing whether the accreditations listed on a website genuinely speak to an attorney’s expertise or their willingness to associate themselves with false awards.

4. Clear Payment Structure

Perhaps the most common pitfall of personal injury lawyers is that some charge unfair fees but reveal these only after  the case is won.

“No win, no fee” is a typical payment structure for personal injury claims. Reputable law firms can maintain this structure because most cases are winnable. However, some firms make money from taking a huge proportion of a client’s payout.

Ensure that you have all the law firm’s payment structure details before you hire them. Find out what percentage they will take of any payout and what they estimate that payout will be. A trustworthy attorney is always upfront with their clients.

Getting Your Search Right


An excellent personal injury attorney will help you through the complex process of being cross-examined during your case. They’ll reduce the stress of proceedings and help you win the compensation you deserve.

Before you start, you need to cross-examine the law firm to ensure they’re right for you. Do your due diligence, and you won’t go wrong.

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