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Should You Hire a Landlord Lawyer?: How to Be Sure

Becoming a landlord can be exciting, but it also breeds opportunities for problems with tenants.

Anytime someone rents out a property, they are opening themselves up to the possibility of future issues.

How can you tell when you might need some extra legal assistance?

If you want to know whether you need a landlord lawyer, keep reading to see what options may be best for you.

When Would You Need a Lawyer?

The reality is that being a landlord is difficult work, and some tenants may give you trouble from time to time.

If this happens, do you know what to do? How do you react if you have to evict a tenant but they won’t leave? What do you do if a tenant causes damage to your property?

Most people want to have a lawyer on their side because they have more experience and know the specific laws that apply to various situations.

As a landlord, it is wise to hire a lawyer before you start renting to tenants to make sure you know how to draft your leases and avoid lawsuits in the future. Lawyers give you the information you need to be proactive, but they also help you when you need their advice after the fact.

Reasons to Hire a Landlord Lawyer

As stated earlier, landlord lawyers do a lot of work for landlords and can be a great asset. Preventing problems from happening or dealing with problems after they occur is important if you want to avoid legal trouble.

Drafting Your Leases

You need to have a clear lease agreement with any tenant. Having your agreement looked over by a lawyer is a good investment for you because it can help you protect yourself in the future. If you’re in the UK, the follow site offers a good tenancy agreement template.

Providing your landlord lawyer with the concerns and points that you want to have covered in the lease will help them draft the perfect lease agreement. You can always revise or revisit the lease agreement when new issues come up.

Tenant Evictions

A lot of states try to make evictions easy for the landlords, but it is common for landlords to submit the wrong form. In other instances, you may date the form wrong or have a small error that you didn’t notice.

A landlord attorney is going to assist you in making sure that you have the right paperwork and that you are filling it out exactly as necessary. It will streamline the entire process and make things go much more smoothly for you as the landlord.

If this is your first eviction or the tenant has a lawyer to fight the eviction, the help of a professional in the legal arena is unprecedented.

Are You Being Sued?

Some potential tenants or current tenants may want to sue you. If this happens, it may be for a variety of reasons.

A tenant may say that they believe you are discriminating against them. While you may be righteously following the HUD guidelines for fair housing practices, you still may get tenants that don’t feel you are doing what you should be doing.

Hiring a lawyer is a great way to help resolve the issue before a judge sees the case. You want to avoid this to make sure you don’t get bad press or a bad reputation as a landlord for future tenants.

Another reason you may be sued is if someone claims they got hurt because of your negligence. Personal injury claims are generally very personal, so you need a lawyer to be sure that you are not getting taken advantage of.

Defense of Reputation

When you have a bad reputation as a landlord, you are less likely to get tenants. This is bad for your business.

There are instances where you may get some bad press and the negative public image may need to be rectified. There are landlord advocates that want to help you when this type of situation occurs.

A landlord lawyer is going to be able to give you information about what you should say and how you should say it to make sure your words are not misconstrued. They also may be able to help you figure out how to turn your negative image around.

Appearing in Court

Eventually, you may need to be the plaintiff in a case against another person regarding your rental property. You may want to sue a contractor that didn’t do a job or sue a tenant for breach of contract.

Regardless of the situation, you need to have an experienced landlord lawyer on your side.

At least getting a little bit of coaching from a lawyer will help you know what might be coming up in the courtroom and what you need to do as a landlord. The amount of assistance you will need will vary based on the severity of the situation you are in.

Hiring a Landlord Lawyer

If you’re ready to hire a landlord attorney to help you with your properties, now is the best time to do it.

You can protect yourself from future problems or deal with problems that you are having right now. Being a landlord is not always easy, so having someone to help back you up is a very smart thing to do.

When it is time for you to get a lawyer, there are plenty of opportunities to find great professionals with experience.

Check out our website to see what type of attorney is best for your situation.

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