Statistics on drunk driving
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4 Drunk Driving Statistics That’ll Sober You Up

Whether it results in a fatality or just a fender bender, drunk driving is a menace that continues to ruin lives around the world.

For that reason, it is so important to take the matter seriously and not worry about appearing like a killjoy if anyone you know is even marginally considering getting behind the wheel after one too many.

But what is the real cost? Let us fill you in with a few statistics on drunk driving to help you process the consequences of drinking and driving in the world around us today.

1. Drunk Driving Accounts for Almost a Third of Driving Fatalities

how much can you expect to pay for a dui ten years after it happens?

Everything from getting distracted to tiredness can be the root cause of an accident. But one of the sobering statistics on drunk driving is that it is responsible for 30% of all deaths on the road.

A staggering 11,654 fatalities occurred in 2020. This was a 14% increase from the previous year, meaning that unfortunately, drunk driving deaths don’t seem to be on the decline.

2. More Than an Average Class Size Is Killed Every Day by Drunk Drivers

Sometimes if we look just at numbers, it is easy to be desensitized to the human cost of the statistics on drunk driving. But the 29 people that the CDC reports as dying every day from it equates to just a few more than the average high school classroom size in the USA, which is approximately 25.

Having this in mind puts some perspective on just how many lives are affected by such preventable accidents.

DUI Blood Testing

3. A DUI Can Cost You Up to $30,000

If you needed more motivation to hand over the keys on your next night out, then just think about your wallet. The range of penalties that you could be hit with if found over the limit range from a fine to jail time, but legal fees can rack up to anything from $10,000 to $30,000 according to some experts.

If only marginally over, companies like may be able to help. However, we can all agree it is a much wiser course to avoid the problem altogether and not get behind the wheel in the first place.

4. Be Extra Vigilant on Big Holidays

An unfortunate side effect of everyone having a good time is a resulting spike in the chance of you getting involved in a drunk driving accident.

First Offense DUI - What You Need to Know

New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous time of year with accidents going up by 116%. Making up the rest of the list is Independence Day weekend (78%), Thanksgiving (56%), Labor Day weekend (54%), and Memorial Day (50%). So before you begin to have a good time take a moment to meditate on the very real consequences of drinking and driving that will see fruition at these times of the year.

Use the Statistics on Drunk Driving for Good

Knowing the statistics on drunk driving is a great first step in helping change the seemingly unending cycle of destruction and death that drunk driving leaves in its path. Pass it on to others to help spread the message and encourage all to think twice before driving under the influence.

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