Sexual Harassment
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81% Of All Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment at Some Point

Sexual harassment is something that unfortuantely can’t be completely escaped. It seems that no matter how many times we campaign against sexual harassment, enforce national laws, or create rules in workforce to put an end to it, it still occurs. Worst of all, it often happens in private, and victims may have a tendency to remain silent.

Because victims are often afraid to admit that they were sexually harassed, you might be shocked to hear that 81% of women were sexually harassed at some point in time. Here are some other surprising statistics:

3 Out of 4 Women Suffered from Verbal Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Verbal sexual harassment is a leading form of sexual harassment, and it is often one of the most overlooked. Some may be victims and not even know it, especially since it can be subtle or vague at first. However, it’s still a very serious form of harassment and one that is quite illegal, and with over 75% of women having dealt with such signifies a major problem.

Sexual Assault is Less Common But Numbers Are Still Staggering

Physical sexual assault isn’t as common as verbal harassment. However, this of course doesn’t minimize just how serious this is. And unfortunately, the percentage of women who have dealt with physical sexual harassment is still far too high at a whopping 27%.

Sexual assault includes, but is not excluded to, unwanted touching, attempted rape, indecent exposure, exposing or involving the victim to unwanted inappropriate photography or videos, and more.

Sufferers of Sexual Harassment are More Likely to Suffer from Mental Illness

Sexual Harassment

As if mental conditions like anxiety and depression weren’t already becoming more common, women who suffered from sexual harassment are even more likely to experience such. Often, this is in direct response to the harassment.

Over 30% of victims dealt with anxiety or depression following sexual harassment. Yet, they often continue to suffer in silence as just 10% filed a police report in response to the harassment. To make matters worse, many of them refrain from getting a proper diagnosis and treatment for their anxiety or depression.

Legal Help for Sexual Harassment is Right Around the Corner

In today’s times, sexual harassment of all sorts is much less tolerated than it was several years ago. More opportunities for legal help are available, and thanks to advancements in technology, it is easier to provide evidence of such encounters. Victims no longer have to be hushed or belittled.

Sexual Harassment Case

If you are currently experiencing or previously experienced sexual harassment, reach out to a lawyer specializing in sexual harassment in California today. Receive the compensation and protection you need and deserve as soon as possible.


It’s unfortunate that so many women have been victims of sexual harassment at some point. Not only does it come in many forms, but it can occur to anyone, anywhere, even at school, their workplace, or even on the streets. The good news is, there is legal help for those who have dealt with sexual harassment.

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