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Seven Things To Consider Before Buying A Franchise

Have you ever wished to start your own business? Pondering on the amount of independence and growth potential you will have with a business, having your own startup might sound appealing.  Perhaps, you have clear ideas about business and know the fine points of your territory. You might have the money to start a business, but not enough for buying a property, equipment, or even undertake large-scale marketing. Furthermore, you don’t want to venture into business without recognition or some experience. Does that mean you don’t get to own a business?

Certainly not! Just like you have knowledge about business and territory but lack brand recognition and support, some brands want to expand their business in your area but lack knowledge about the territory and manpower to handle the expansion. And that’s where the concept of the franchise comes into the equation. Check the franchise dispute lawyer.

A franchise business is a great way to bridge the gap between you and that brand. You sign a contract and pay fees to buy a franchise from that brand, and you get to open a business supported by that brand in your area. Sounds intriguing, right? However, before buying a franchise, there are some factors you need to consider, read on to find out more about this.

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Go Through The Franchise Disclosure Documents

Go through the Franchise Disclosure Documents

The franchise disclosure document lists all the information about the franchise. It is beneficial for potential buyers as they can get a comprehensive idea about the franchise and know about the roles both the franchiser and the franchisee are going to play. This document covers a wide area; business experience, affiliates, litigation, bankruptcy, initial investment, fees, franchisee’s obligation, territory, trademark, copyrights, renewal resolution, dispute resolution, financial statements, and contract- all aspects, that will help a potential buyer make an educated decision about the purchase.

New franchisees often find the document intimidating as it can stretch for even 50 pages and most of them are filled with legal terminology. If you need help deciphering the terms, a franchise lawyer or even a Franchise dispute lawyer can help you to sort out the FDD.

Assess Yourself

Franchising comes with a tried and tested business model that is bound to succeed at any condition. From production, marketing, operation, to the supply chain, Modula advises that you have to walk by the rules devised by the franchise, it’s not your business where you can tweak the rules as you see fit.

Above all, you don’t have the authority to create or even improvise, all you need to do is implement an already established system. If you are a free-spirited person who doesn’t care much about the regulations and protocols, buying a franchise might not be your cup of tea.

Research About The Business

Franchising is a unique business model that requires you to have in-depth knowledge. If you don’t know how the business model works, you will have trouble complying with all the regulations and conditions. And that can present a great risk of making mistakes or even face the risk of penalty for violating the franchise agreement.

Know Your Territory

The success of a franchise doesn’t solely depend on the brand. If it were, no franchise would go belly up within a few months of opening. Location or territorial knowledge plays a big part in the success of any franchising.

Assess the local needs before jumping in with a franchise. The local demand might dictate whether you need a gas station or a fast-food franchise.

Consult With Other Franchisees

Consult With Other Franchisees

There is a major difference between researching from a distance and being in action. While it’s true you can’t figure out how it will work until you run a franchisee, you still can gain some practical insight from the field. One of the best ways to get a real picture is to contact other franchisees.

You will easily find the contact and details of other franchisees in your franchise disclosure document. You can inquire how they are managing profit, and how long it took them to become a profitable franchise and what challenges they are facing that they were not aware of, before buying the franchise.

Prepare A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Buying a franchise might need more money beyond the fees and investment.  You might have to face a little loss before your business starts making a profit. Until you reach the breakeven point your business will need more investment for thriving. You need enough business savings to run the franchise at least for six months without the profit.

To help you assess the situation you can draw up a cost-benefit analysis where you must include all the hidden costs. Consider liabilities, royalties, marketing, and setting up expenses. Once you are satisfied that the pros outweigh the cons, and you can reach the break-even point within the timeframe, you can decide on buying a franchise.

You Have To Play By the Rule

You Have to Play By the Rule

The basic of any franchise business is the brand. And a brand is being consistent in what you do. From the quality of product or service down to the employee’s costume everything needs to be consistent to regain people’s trust in that brand.

To retain this reliability you have to follow the conditions of the franchiser. For instance, when you go to any fast food franchise of Burger King, you will see a similar menu,  logo on the cashier, and servers uniforms are all the same,  every franchisee has to follow this rule, regardless of its location. And a franchise agreement ensures that all franchisees agree to those conditions that uphold the brand consistently.

The franchise agreement can cover a wide range of activities- from operating hours to purchasing supplies, the agreement also requires you to pay a royalty to the franchiser, generally 5-10% of your sales from the franchise.

The Bottom Line

The franchise business model is spreading fast, from fast-food franchises, gas stations, car dealerships to restaurants and hotels even house cleaning agencies everything can run on the franchise. In a franchise business, you get everything you need to hit the ground running the company, and they get what they need for business expansion, it might look like a win-win situation. However, franchising from a popular brand doesn’t mean you will be able to freeload off the brand; you have to play your part to make it a profitable business.

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