Seven mistakes that can expedite a DWI conviction
Halt | June 7, 2019 | 0 Comments

Seven mistakes that can expedite a DWI conviction

The days after a DWI arrest can be confusing and scary. Spending time in custody, while the law enforcement officers bring the charges against you, can be a jarring experience for anyone. That is especially true when you are sure that your BAC was way under the limit and you were not intoxicated while driving home. 

However, every minute you sit at home doing nothing, you reduce your chances of getting a fair trial. Sometimes, we make mistakes during these trying times without even realizing so. Here are the 7 mistakes you should never make after a DWI arrest –

i.    Taking too long to contact an attorney

Choosing DWI attorneys can be difficult, but you should never wait until your trials to hire your DWI lawyer. Being wholly inactive or hiding at home after a DWI arrest never works in favor of the accused. You need to hire a DWI lawyer immediately after your arrest in NY, or at least within the 45-days till your arraignment.

ii.    Not hiring someone local

Unless you are working with a DWI attorney, who has practiced in Long Island or NY for a long time, you are making a mistake. Choosing a local law firm will ensure that your legal team knows about the DWI laws in the state of NY. Most importantly, they may have handled cases similar to yours in the past. 

iii.    Driving after license suspension

Those 45-days between your arrest and arraignment can seem like eons. However, if you don’t have an active driver’s license, it is best not to drive while your license is invalid. It can add up to your misdemeanor charges. In the state of New York, such a charge can lead to up to one year in jail.

iv.    You don’t take your charges seriously

DWI in NY might not be a “criminal” offense, but it can change your life as you know it. The conviction will go in your criminal record permanently, and you will have to pay hefty fines. Moreover, the court might revoke your license for up to a year following conviction. DWI is a serious charge with severe consequences, which you need to consider. 

v.    Not appearing in court

It is usually a result of not taking the charges too seriously. When you don’t appear in court, you are likely to have a bench warrant for your arrest. It also voids any bail bond. The next time the police stops you, you will have to spend some quality time in jail.

vi.    Talking to friends and family

While the support of friends and family is essential, it can never replace the professional advice of a DWI attorney. To think that you can DIY your DWI defense is not only impractical but also impossible in the state of NY.

vii.    Pleading guilty

There are times when you will feel that pleading guilty will save you all time and effort. Well, whether you are guilty or not, you should speak to your expert DWI lawyer from NY first. Without consulting a lawyer, it would be foolish to take such a critical step. 

In the state of New York, no matter how simple or complex your DWI case seems, you need to speak to an expert attorney. Taking smart decisions at the right times can save you much hassle in the near future. It can save you hundreds of dollars, license revocations, and ignition interlock installation on your vehicle.

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