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3 Reasons to Seek Texas Legal Help After a Bicycle Accident

How does cycling improve your quality of life?

Cycling Weekly notes well-known benefits, including stronger immune systems, leg muscles, and weight loss. Yet, there are even more advantages, like boosting lung health, spatial awareness, cognitive function, and sleep.

Bicycle safety is the glue that ties these benefits together. Over 450,000 bicycle accidents occur annually, according to the latest estimates from the CDC. Texas alone sees more than 16,800 bicycle-related vehicular crashes.

Thus, preventing and responding to accidents is crucial for all cyclists. Discover three more reasons to seek Texas legal help for cycling incidents.

1. Receive Settlements for Bicycle Accident Injuries

Receive Settlements for Bicycle Accident Injuries

What if you’re injured in a bicycle accident, but the incident wasn’t your fault? Does that mean you have to pay for your own treatment bills? Do bicycle accidents even count?

Like car accidents, bicycle injuries also qualify for compensation if the other party is at fault.

Bicycle accidents also follow these similar post-crash steps:

  • Staying on the scene and waiting for police to arrive
  • Documenting accident damage
  • Exchanging information with the driver (or property owner)
  • Seeking medical attention as quickly as possible
  • Receiving detailed medical records

Seeing an accident doctor is highly recommended. Such physicians are specialized in treating and documenting bicycle injuries for settlement cases.

You’ll need sufficient evidence if you want the highest possible settlement.

2. Get a Higher Settlement With Texas Legal Help

Get a Higher Settlement With Texas Legal Help

While the other party’s insurance company should cover your injuries, the process isn’t as straightforward (or fair) as cyclists would like.

If the motorist’s insurance settlement covers all your costs, you may be good to go. However, assess the injuries’ severity. Plus, don’t discount injuries that pop up down the line, like whiplash and neurological symptoms.

If you don’t like the first settlement offer, don’t negotiate with the insurer directly. They’re counting on your lack of legal expertise to award the lowest possible sum.

Lawyers understand the nuances of bicycle accident law, successfully negotiating higher settlement amounts.

3. Learn About Your Rights as a Cyclist

bicycle laws

You can never be too prepared as a cyclist.

Instead of waiting for an accident, seek legal expertise to learn more about bicycle laws in Texas.

You may learn that a minor accident last week qualifies for a higher settlement. A new bicycle law may have passed without your knowledge. You could even join an advocacy group to demand more safe bicycle paths and trails.

A bicycle accident lawyer can counsel you on the following case types:

  • Soft tissue bicycle injuries
  • Neck and back injuries (and chronic pain)
  • Bicycle brain injury cases
  • Bone fractures

You can also hire a lawyer for a wrongful death that results from a bicycle accident.

Similar to insurance settlements, your attorney needs evidence of the accident, including property damage. When talking to the police, remember to be as detailed as possible. Every little detail counts.

Find the Legal Help You Deserve

Don’t settle for paying your own bicycle accident bills. Find qualified Texas legal help, and receive the injury settlement you deserve.

Stay up to speed with the latest bicycle laws, cycling tips, and news. The blog is filled to the brim with your favorite topics, lifehacks, and trends.


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