Gun law
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Seek Advice Before It’s Too Late

Most of the States in America have very tough and complex gun laws. Hence getting on the wrong side of the gun law is easy. However, there are various law firms such as Jamesonlaw which are ready to come to your aid, explain the charges you are facing and guide you on the way forward. Go To Safe Life Defense Homepage here and browse all life defense line products they offer. And choose yours.

There are various reasons which can lead you to the wrong side of the gun law and it’s advisable to seek advice before it’s too late. The following are the types of gun or weapon charges.

Being in possession of a firearm illegally: Having a firearm in the house or work without a license, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. Additionally, if the offender had crossed from one location to another, more penalties apply. If it’s a first-time offense, the jail sentence is a maximum of two years or a fine of $500. Though they can be carried out simultaneously.

Being in possession of a firearm illegally

Carrying an illegal weapon: There is a range of previously banned weapons and extras. These include silencers, magazines in large sizes, stun guns, armor-piercing rounds, and assault weapons.

An offender in possession of a firearm: Perpetrators who have been convicted, people with various offenses, and drug addicts are forbidden to purchase, own, receive or possess guns.

Traveling with a hidden firearm: Jamesonlaw will guide you on the legal procedures to undertake if you’re found with a hidden firearm on you or in the vehicle. It is expected under the gun law to keep the gun empty and should be in a box if it’s being transported.

Having a loaded firearm in public: Unless you have a legal permit, carrying a gun in public places is illegal. Additionally, penalties will be increased if you carry the gun in places like schools and public buildings.

Flaunting a firearm/weapon: Displaying a weapon or firearm in a threatening or angry manner is illegal and stiffer penalties are added if anyone gets injured.

Flaunting a firearm

Intending to injure or causing harm with a firearm: Any intention to harm somebody using a firearm, whether it happened or not, is illegal. Shooting into a gathering is an example.

Being the driver in a car used for driveway shooting: Though you may not have fired the gun yourself, allowing somebody to come into your car with a loaded gun and use it within the vehicle is illegal.

Firing near homes: Using a firearm near a vehicle or building is illegal and more penalties apply if the vehicle and building were occupied at the time of the shooting.

Hiring a Competitive Lawyer

Seek Advice Before It’s Too Late

At Jamesonlaw, the various complex gun laws regulating weapons are handled in detail. This scrutiny of the details helps in building a case. This building helps in setting a strong tough defense that will match the charges given. These charges include felony charges which include being in possession of a gun unlawfully and any crime committed with the firearm. However, if the evidence cannot be shot down, the lawyers will negotiate for a favorable sentence. Though in regard to every case, keeping the offender out of jail is the main goal.

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