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5 Secrets to Write an Impressive Lawyer Resume

If you’re a recent law school grad, you may have already heard that it’s challenging to secure a job at a law firm. While this is true, it is not definite, and an impressive lawyer resume can help you land a job quicker. Seeking resume help from professionals can help you stand out among other candidates and increase your chances of securing the job. Having a solid resume is a must, whether you’re already a seasoned legal practitioner or just starting this career. This helps you build your career faster and helps you get noticed. To write an impressive lawyer resume, there are certain secrets that resume writing services employ. Some of these are discussed below.

 1. Start with your lawyer profile

Start with your lawyer profile

Every lawyer is trained to make a persuasive but concise argument, so you should write your lawyer profile in this manner in your resume. Your lawyer profile or summary statement is the opening statement on your resume. It’s usually less than four sentences and is a succinct summary of yourself as a lawyer, what you’re bringing to the table, and your accomplishments. With free resume builder create a resume in minutes that will ease your way to build a certain and successful career.

According to professional resume writers, this statement is a summary of:

  • Who the lawyer is.
  • The type of law they’re practicing and their passion.
  • Area of expertise and past success.

2. Keep it brief

Ideally, a resume doesn’t exceed one page, but you still have to ensure the information is as brief as possible. This allows the hiring manager time to review your qualifications thoroughly. For example, you may exceed one page if you’ve had five years of legal experience, but it shouldn’t exceed two pages. Without a resume writer, you can make your resume more effective by ensuring that all the points, descriptions, and highlights serve a specific purpose. This should inform the employer why you are the most suited.

Professional resume services will often advise you to list your education, achievements, and work experience without dabbing into the details to ensure brevity. Instead, include only information that is necessary or relevant to the resume.

3. Stick to the traditional format

Stick to the traditional format

Unlike other industries, the legal industry doesn’t have much room for fanciness. Your prospective hirers don’t have the time to look through your resume, searching unorthodox spots for important information. They want specific information, and they want it in predictable places and formats. You may require resume help for other formats if you’re switching careers, but the traditional format always wins for legal positions.

However, this is not an excuse for carelessness in your resume formatting. Your resume remains the first impression an employer has of you, so you must get it right. But be sure to avoid using different colors, fonts, text boxed, and so on because they won’t help you stand out. Make sure to keep things simple, professional, and serious. Make your resume easy to read. Using bullet points, bold words, and headings makes it easier to scan for important points.

4. Show your specialized skills

This part of the resume is where you display your specialized skill set to the employers. You shouldn’t be listing any skill that comes to your mind at the time. Instead, ensure all listed skills are significant and relevant to the industry and job you’re applying for. Be specific in highlighting what you are good at.

In many resume writing services, you’ll find that employers are expecting to see skills specific to the legal industry or your interpersonal skills. However, in ideal situations, they expect a combination of both skillsets. According to a resume writer, some examples of both types of skills are:

Interpersonal skills

  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Adaptability
  • Negotiation
  • Ability to manage pressure

Legal-industry-specific skills

  • Oral communication
  • Legal research
  • Persuasive writing

5. Use action words

Use action words

When writing your bullet points, it is better to start with action words. They better highlight the responsibilities and achievements linked to your work experience. Learning to use language on your resume may help employers see the proactiveness in your approach to work. Another reason is that large firms and recruiters use applicant tracking systems for scanning through multiple resumes in search of keywords. So it always helps to use keywords employers are searching for, especially the ones in the job description. Some examples of action words that you can use are:

  • Develop
  • Achieve
  • Negotiate
  • Reduce
  • Implement
  • Ensure
  • Draft
  • Optimize
  • Generate
  • Create
  • Coordinate
  • Customize
  • Execute

The most effective way to use these action words is to use them with quantifiable results. The result will support your bullets and ensure the interviewer can measure your success. For example, you may use data like time frames, numbers, and percentages to highlight your accomplishments and prove you’re standing out from other applicants.


You don’t always need professional resume services to develop the best resumes. You only need to know the secrets to write impressive lawyer resumes. This article discusses a few of those secrets to writing a remarkable lawyer resume.

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