Prevent Motorcycle Mishaps
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Safety Tips to Follow to Prevent Motorcycle Mishaps

Most of us enjoy the thrill that comes with riding motorcycles. As you feel the wind blowing against you, you get even more excited. It is at this particular moment that we forget there is the probability of the unknown happening. Most accidents involving motorcycles lead to severe injuries. This is because they do not offer the level of safety that other passenger vehicles provide. Therefore, a motorcyclist should be following some steps to ensure they are ever safe and prevent accidents.

Below are some steps to follow to avoid motorbike mishaps

1.   Get Yourself a Motorcycle Training Course

One of the main reasons that most accidents occur is a lack of know-how to operate a vehicle. People tend to assume that the basic knowledge from self-training is all they need to get their bikes on the road. Most states do not have strict rules on motorcyclists. Just like any other vehicle, it is always essential for one to get a course, whether the law requires it or not. For the sake of your safety, your passengers, and other road users, it is essential you enroll in a training school and keep up with the current motorcycle rules.

2.   Familiarize with Traffic Law

Traffic law is broad and diverse, but you will be safer knowing a few laws that affect you as a rider. This is because, in most cases of road accidents between riders and other motorists, riders often end up suffering more severe injuries. Apart from being more vulnerable in motorcycle accidents, riders are also more likely to be victimized as the at-fault road user. This makes it crucial to have an expert legal attorney in motorbike accidents on speed dial. Just in case you ever need legal advice or representation in court, you can easily reach them.

3.   Wear the Right Protective Gear

While no accident is better than the other, we can all agree on one thing. An accident involving a motorcycle is far much worse than one that involves other road vehicles. This is because motorcycles are usually open and the rider is too exposed. In case of an accident, they tend to sustain more injuries. For this reason, it is necessary to wear protective gear while riding, most especially a helmet.

Most states have a mandatory requirement that riders between the age of 16 and 18 always have a helmet when riding. Always wear the required gear when riding a motorcycle. They come in handy when involved in an accident. The main gear to always wear when riding a bike is;

  • A helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Knee pads
  • Leather jacket and pants

4.   Maintain Your Bike

Keeping your bike in the right condition is critical as far as your safety on the road is concerned. It is harder to evade an accident with a faulty motorcycle than it is with one that is in the right working condition. Before riding any bike, always ensure that the tires are in good condition and well inflated.

Check all the other components of the bike like the lights and brake system. It is advisable to make a few rounds with the same bike before taking it out on the road to be sure everything is working as it should. A periodic inspection of your motorcycle can help notice and fix any issues before they lead to something as serious as an accident.

5.   Make Yourself Seen

Most people love bikes because of their small size and ability to maneuver through traffic. While this is an advantage, it has its comebacks. Bikes are not easily seen by other road users, especially those driving big trucks. This can often lead to blind accidents where none of the two users saw it coming. Motorcyclists are therefore required to make themselves visible by:

  •  Wear bright and reflective gear.
  • Sticking your bike with reflective stickers or tape
  • Using headlights at all times
  • Drive on visible points of the road at all times

6.   Always Ride When Sober

We all have our reasons as to why we love bikes. For most people, it’s the passion for bikes and the fun that comes with riding. For others, it’s a way of escaping from their troubles and blowing off some steam. Whatever your reasons are for loving motorbikes, never drink and ride!

If the fun escalates and you have something to drink, make plans to get home ahead of time, so you don’t have to ride home while drunk. A significant portion of bike accidents involving alcohol impairment is usually fatal. Whenever you have had something that tampers with your judgment, avoid operating any kind of machinery, not just riding bikes.

7.   Avoid Road Hazards or Lousy Weather Conditions

Riding is fun until the roads are loose and full of potholes or other road hazards. Lousy weather conditions also limit motorcyclists a great deal. There is, however, no fun worth your life or getting any of your limbs amputated.

Again, motorcycles do not have the same control over most of these road hazards as other vehicles do. Therefore, it is wise to avoid them by looking ahead on the road to identify them and avoid them if possible. If not, then make sure you are engaging low gear to avoid accidents. If the weather isn’t in your favor, there is no harm in using public transport as long as you can still ride tomorrow.

8.   Be Alert at all Times

Any driver or rider must be alert when using the road. An alert rider or driver can prevent an accident from happening since they can always act fast. Being alert means always scanning your surroundings to spot potential hazards and knowing what other motorists are up to. This way, you can always act fast to avoid an accident. Also, avoid being distracted while riding. Using stuff like cell phones and other electronic devices can lead to accidents. It is smart to set your audio system and GPS before heading out because, this way, you avoid operating them while on the road. If you think carrying a passenger will be a distraction to you, it is best to avoid doing so.

One more important precaution is avoiding racing. There are tracks set for that, and it is better to use them for that purpose and strictly to follow speed limits on the road. Riding is fun, and that’s a fact. However, there is no fun worth losing your life for.

Motorcycles have their benefits and disadvantages. The comebacks can be prevented by following all the rules taught in training, observing traffic rules, and always being alert on the road. Wear protective gear while riding to make sure you are safe, just in case of an unexpected happening. Lastly, keep your bike in the best condition by constantly checking it up and fixing issues before they affect you while riding.

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