Immigrants in Canada
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Rights of Immigrants in Canada

Immigration to Canada is a complex process, and it’s essential to know your rights as an immigrant. If you’re a Chinese immigrant who just arrived in Canada, you may want to reach out to Calgary Consulate (卡尔 加里 领事馆) and learn more about the next steps.

Typically, newcomers to Canada what to know their rights as an immigrant, and in Canada, human rights are protected by federal, provincial, and territorial laws.

Immigrants in Canada: Your Rights and Freedoms

Health care is a right that every citizen of Canada should have, regardless of immigration status.

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Under Canada Health Act, immigrants are eligible for health care coverage. Those requiring medical attention can go to any hospital or clinic in the country, regardless of their immigration status. If an immigrant does not have health insurance and cannot afford it, the government of Canada may offer free emergency medical services.

Mental health professionals are available across Canada through various community organizations and hospitals/clinics; there are also specialized programs aimed at helping immigrants deal with anxiety or depression.


Immigrants can access education in Canada and the same programs as Canadian citizens and permanent residents. For example, in Ontario, regardless of their parent’s immigration status, children below the age of 18 have access to free education.


Immigrants have the same rights as Canadian citizens regarding renting or buying housing.

Housing providers cannot discriminate against immigrants based on their residential or immigration status, including when refusing access to rental units or evicting tenants for any reason other than non-payment of rent.

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The Immigration and Refugee Board has jurisdiction over applications under Section 95(1) of the Immigration Act, which allows persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness due to their immigration status access temporary accommodation while waiting for permanent residency determination.

This includes providing food vouchers until they can afford decent living conditions independently.

Protection from Discrimination

Immigrants from all over the world come to Canada and have the same rights as Canadian citizens.

They can work in any job they prefer, including jobs that require authorization from one of the country’s immigration departments. Immigrants may also apply for permanent status after five years of work in Canada if their employer qualifies for H-1B visas (for skilled workers).

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Immigrants may participate fully in Canadian society without fear of discrimination based on race/ethnicity, or religion. However, there are some jurisdictions where these protections do not apply, such as Nunavut, the largest and northernmost territory of Canada, where there is a unique legal system.

The rights of immigrants in Canada are extensive, and immigrants can enjoy complete protection under the law, including essential health and housing rights.

Immigration authorities have a great deal of discretion in deciding who will be granted residency status based on their circumstances, which means there is room for error in these decisions.

However, if you are an immigrant looking for help with any problems related to your status, it is crucial to reach out to an experienced immigration attorney.

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